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File: 1492567921075.jpg (18.43 KB, 1020x680, plain white t-shirt.jpg)


What can you do with a plain white t-shirt?

Cut it up into rags. Seems like a bit of a waste, but everyone needs rags, right?
Pull it over your head and let it rest on your shoulders. You've got an oddly-shaped but functional scarf.
* Turn it into a mask.


this girl who wanted to date me put stencil designs on some of my t-shirts. she never gave them back to me, which was a little strange, but she was a strange person.


I've noticed most people who date me are strange people. Statistics however suggest that I may actually be the outlier in this whole sorry mess…

Can't say I've had any steal my shirts though.


lol when I was a kid (17) I was a gothkid and had a reallly nice black velvet cloack.
I met a girl who pretended she was really into me (as in, really crazy about me), but as soon as I lended her my cloack I barely heard of her again.


haha, that's wild. I think we stopped communicating because I didn't offer the kind of relationship she was looking for: I'm not into dating for the sake of it, nor am I catholic and waiting till marriage. Also, I didn't friend her back on facebook or seek out her company. She was nice though, cute and fun to cuddle with. Just a little odd, a little clingy, and had some weird notions about dating that I wanted to stay away from.

Anyway, white t-shirts: I just got some aerosal t-shirt paint and I intend to make t-shirts for an upcoming political march with it. We've also got the stencils made, so it should be cool.

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