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Would there be interest in a fork of the Android app everychan with support as well as support for applechan?


That would be cool. It would be really cool if all vichan-based IBs were tested to work with it.


i am both interested and willing to contribute. originally i was going to fork clover exclusively for jp and then eventually add support for applechan as well. i have been following clover's repo for a while and have a vague understanding of how it works.
that being said im happy to use any other opensource chan viewing android app (jeez that's a mouth full), so fork away to so we can get cooking, my fellow lain


If you want to you could try working on a Clover fork, I chose Everychan as it seems like it would be the easiest one to set up and maintain considering it already has (somewhat broken) support.


I would absolutely love a fork, wit tor support it would be epic


A module for Dashchan would also be a good idea.

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