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File: 1497046151244-0.jpg (190.47 KB, 1280x768, dinnertray1.jpg)

File: 1497046151244-1.jpg (81.81 KB, 1280x940, kreisel1.jpg)

File: 1497046151244-2.jpg (168.61 KB, 1280x768, doxwithpalmrests.jpg)


If you are planning to build something physical or have already done so, post it here. Pictures, experiences, questions and tips/tricks are welcome.
to start off here's a few projects that i enjoyed, a dinner tray with a melamine-faced chipboard as the bottom with a frame made from pearwood, a little spinning top i turned on the lathe and my ergodox case and palmrests.
a good tip for the start: sharpen your tools properly, this makes working both more fun and more exact.


The joinery on the tray is on point, it looks really nice.

What did you use to finish the keyboard? Linseed oil?


I made the joints on the tray with a tablesaw and a wooden bar with a cutout the size of the slats on the rip fence. this gives you really high accuracy. it works by hand as well but that would take longer and wouldn't be as accurate.
i put camellia oil on it because i didn't want to change the surface structure/feeling, the downside to that is that i have to put a new coat on every few months, but it feels really good. the subtle difference is something worth checking out for things that get in contact with hands a lot in my opinion.


I started building a violin from scratch with a wise old luthier a few years ago, 60% done. Have to pull pix from an old phone. What OP said about sharpening your tools is the most important thing.


That's awesome.

How'd you make the ergodox case? Router or did you do it by hand? Do you find having the trackball in the centre of the keyboard better than off to the side?

I made a keyboard about a year ago with laser cut acrylic but I've been thinking of remaking it with a wooden case, a split design and an embedded trackball.


i made it with a routing template, which i cut on a scrollsaw. unfortunately my template was too small by .4mm so i had to use my chisel a bit, which made it look a bit messy on the inside, when i get around to it i will make a version 2, with avoided mistakes and added palmrests.
well, trackball location depends on usecase and usage, if i play a game or do something in gimp or blender, i put it to the right side, if i browse, chat or do anything that allows me to use keybinds, i just have my trackball in the middle. if you ever get around to doing the embedded trackball, please post it here, i am very much interested, i want to mod mine a bit as well.


So you cut it out in sheets and stuck them together rather than routing cut outs and partially removed parts from a solid block?

Does having the trackball in the middle get annoying when you're using it a lot due to having the keyboard in the way? What about having it in the centre but below the keyboard? Say between your thumb pads?


no, i cut out the two different layers (top and middle)in birch plywood which i then used with a router to route it into my real pieces.
the problem with having it in the middle is arm strain, if you use something a lot it should be directly in front of your shoulder, not between your shoulders.
and it should be at a similar height, you can just try it out with dummy objects to see what i mean.


Ahh I get you. I hadn't thought of it like that. My thought was that it being close to your hands would make it easier but it would make it worse when you actually want to use it for more than a small movement.


File: 1501146206930-0.jpg (2.47 MB, 6032x4012, DSC_0379.jpg)

File: 1501146206930-1.jpg (3.04 MB, 6032x4012, DSC_0386.jpg)

I had previously made these two pieces on a woodlathe out of some basswood to make custom cups for my pair of SHP-9500s' but didn't like the sound or the fact I made them mismatching sizes. So instead I cut an inset part into the larger one allowing for the smaller one to fit inside thus making a neat little box for my earings/gauges. I used an exacto knife to remove the required material.


that's a cool usage idea, making things true to measurements on a woodlathe is not exactly easy.

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