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Kalyx ######

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Hey guys!

I've built a very minimalistic repository of knowledge from out community.

Right now it contains a collection of recipes from a couple of our users, but I plan to extend it to contains all sorts of guides and advice about trying to live as fruitfully as we can.

check it out!


Great, thank you for sharing it, lain.


Ayy nice work! I will defiantly try to contribute.


I like it!


If they're related to the subject at hand, do you accept text files that are made by other/unknown people? I've found some interesting ones in various indexes that archive sec and tech things from the 90s to present day present time


Your always welcome to send them in! Ill sort and filter them accordingly.


I'm working on theater etiquette if you guys are interested


There are more lainzines out, if you wanted to include those.

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