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File: 1500782173600.jpg (272.09 KB, 1920x1080, serial_experiments_lain_as….jpg)

There was a thread about possibly restoring this project on .org. I couldn't find that particular thread as most of the data had been lost in that whole server mess. Seems like they never got past making a window manager though. As I learn more I aim to bring this back at some point. It'll be a hot minute until I actually know what I'm doing but I've got plenty of time. Would anyone else be interested in bringing this back as well?


"The Schumann Core is going to be data director of the display server. It will handle the passing of commands to the display server,"

Looks like they were planning on making their own display server, like X11 or Wayland rather than just a window manager. Further down it talks about possibly using Fresco which seems to be another attempt at a X11 alternative.

Seems interesting.

I wonder why it died so suddenly but is still hosted? The linked sites of the creators ( and are both down.

What exactly would lain OS be?


I am. However I don't think that my coding skills are good enough to make something decent.
My idea was to start by taking Gentoo and set up an install script to build the system with custom USE flags and software from a custom repository. Ideas for features:
- Stable kernel with good security setting. You can deblob it from the script if your hardware can work without proprietary drivers/firmware.
- Software built with hardened toolchain and custom USE flags (less bloat).
- Luks encrypted partition by default.
- Randomize the MAC address at boot.
- You can either compile your software or install binary packages. (default binary?)
- Sandboxing with firejail enabled by default for things like the pdf viewer, the browser, ecc.
- X11 sandboxing with Xephyr.
- DNS resolving with dnscrypt.
- Easy to switch iptables rules to allow TOR or VPN traffic only.
- Proxy configuration with privoxy.
- Support for some kind of mesh network.
- Firefox/Icecat with custom about:config settings, add-ons and CSS/GTK theme. (if you know something lighter that can still provide enough privacy let me know). Two profiles, one for Tor and one for clearnet.
- Boot animation with fbsplash. Some kind of login manager.
- Pentesting & security software.
- Cron jobs to automatically update vulnerable packages, AIDE to check files as IDS, ecc.
For the graphical part, we should try to emulate what is shown on SEL. I don't know if it would be possible to do it by simply taking an existing WM and customize it. Everything should follow the SEL aesthetic. Most things should be available from the GUI.
This needs competent people, effort and organization.


It's pretty interesting stuff. I have no idea why this stopped before making much progress. Too much on their plate I guess? It still being hosted confused me.

I'm not sure. For now it's an idea. Looks like they were using Free BSD as a base for this.

A lot of this sounds really cool. Trying to emulate what's shown on Lain's comp could be really difficult but I'd love to see it happen.

For now though, all I can do is learn. I figure if we get enough people interested in this then it could actually be a thing.


You can add me to the "I'd like to contribute, but first need to learn what I'm doing" list. I also have a lot of time to learn the code, but right now I don't think I could do the project justice yet.

This, and I second that the graphics should follow SEL as closely as possible.

As far as organization and dividing up tasks goes… I can start looking into randomizing the MAC address at boot. I really like that idea, and I can start with looking at how exactly TAILS does it to at least get an idea.

Should we do this on FreeBSD, Gentoo, do a Linux-from-Scratch… Thoughts?


It's pretty easy, you simply need to use macchanger and an init script.
Almost everything that I've put in the list is really not hard to do. The problem is the desktop enviroment.
In my opinion we should use either Gentoo or Linux from Scratch, I guess most people here don't know enough FreeBSD to work with it.


Is it possible to replicate Copeland OS's kinetic desktop using modern accelerated graphics stacks and hardware? If it is - bring it on and Fulfill the Prophesy! Twenty years on, and we still haven't got GUI design that even approaches the beguiling visual depths of the Wired's human interface: this would be a pretty major project. Off the top of my head, I can think of a few thing at the top of the wishlist: based on a hardened Linux / BSD build using a repo with up-to-date versions of all usable p2p / torrent / alternative networking protocols:

Voice recognition set on install.

Floating information panels showing real-time hardware status, process monitoring and port dumps as default. Think animated Conky on acid.

A heartbreaking pause between the "Hello" and the user name on log in / wake from hibernation greeting.

Moving histograms. Lots of Moving histograms. Useful ones.

IP connectivity not enabled on startup. you have to connect to the Wired. Every. Single. Time.

That haunting, single piano note as a late-night notification sound.

Thermal / RFID user recognition.

Intruder detection and ejection.

Of course we'd have to fab our own Psyche chips to be able to enable "Mouseless Click" mode, but even without it, this project would blow the stack off of OS X…


I would LOVE to work on a project like this, I'm rather inexperienced as a programmer, I'm about ankle deep in a dozen or so languages but I know the basic structures and that's about it.

Take C for example, I know what a pointer is, and how to use one, but I know NeXT-to-nothing about the Standard Library, never really had a reason to learn it for my own use, I think a project like this would be exactly what I'd need to push me over the edge into more serious territory.

On the note of the Window Manager, wouldn't it be possible to just port something over from Linux? I know something like Windowmaker would be what we're looking for

That would at least nail the aesthetics of a lain-inspired system, as the show itself took some heavy influence from the development of what would eventually become Mac OS X, known at the time as NeXT Step, oh please please please let this bear some fruit, I've always wanted to work on an OS


I'm sure at least something neat will come out of it. Lots of people here are able and like Lain.


let's all build lain
so, should we ask for people on org too?



>Twenty years on, and we still haven't got GUI design that even approaches the beguiling visual depths of the Wired's human interface:

That's because, frankly, what exists in the real world is better for real-world needs. Copland OS is visually interesting, but a usability nightmare. It's the epitome of form over function.


definitely, this has potential to become a really cool project


Well, maybe we should start with something that is more close on what Yasuo Iwakura and the Knights of the Easter Calculus were using. This should be easier to do and if we're successful we would gain more attention on the project.


They were using a variant of NeXTSTEP, which lives on in modern times as Apple's Cocoa If you want an open and highly portable implementation of OpenStep just go to


Hell yeah, why not. The more the merrier.


You could start by creating a copland window manager, then you create a new linux distro.


We need to keep it simple


Wow, nearly 15 years old.

I would love to switch this over to a roll-your-own Debian or Arch project with a custom DE that emulates what Lain uses. I think it would increase the number of people willing/able to contribute. I'm a Full Stack Engineer, I can contribute quite a lot if anyone would like to join me. My email is ZGF0YWJvb21AcHJvdG9ubWFpbC5jb20= . (Encoded it to prevent scraping)


File: 1504837056976.png (20.24 KB, 1149x493, lainos.PNG)

Ah, I see someone is picking up this project again. Here is the progress that had been made on the old Lain OS, back in mid-2016.

There was a bit more done (lots of art, a few test ISOs, etc) but it's been buried somewhere in my Telegram. Much of it would've needed to be redone anyhow, with changes in design in mind and whatnot.

This was the same project that the users from .org had been working on. I host this website, by the way, if you guys need a host that can provide ISOs or other things to download.


I run a gentoo install with lvm+luks. I can help. Im down to contribute to this stuff.


That'd be real swell of you to do that.


I think it would be a good idea to create Lain OS as distrobution of linux or BSD. I would be willing to help but I really don't know if I could because I'm not a programmer.


We could just make a window manager.


I'd be really down for this. I imagine something similar to NeXTSTEP i.e. Window Maker?

You could just work off of GNUstep and Window Maker then add some lain-esque graphical elements (login manager etc.) add some animations. It would probably be most realistic to build a window manager.


Site's down.

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