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Help me fix this shit.

Kalyx ######

File: 1501702401385.jpeg (584.56 KB, 2322x4128, solder.jpeg)


I recently got my hands on a T420s from a company that was going to scrap the thing, no screen, no hdd, no ram, they felt sorry for me and threw in the battery, battery is worth $60 on it's own, I paid $42

Started buying parts, screen, hdd caddy, threw some extra ram and a hard drive I had laying around into it, loaded it up with Debian

Screen comes in, wooooo, hook it up, no backlight, did a bit of research those fuses can blow for like no reason, so I shorted it, pic related, it's the solder

I don't want to put it back together just yet, I've never soldered before and I know that isn't perfect

It boots, it works, but can something like that catch fire? or am I just looking at a pop and some smoke?


I hate to say it, but I've confirmed continuity between the fuse, and the capacitor on it's left, pretty sure the cap is dead as a result, on a possibly related note, I can no longer boot to a usb hard drive, flash drives aren't a problem but anything that requires a larger amount of power isn't being detected, not a huge issue really, I just want to know that I won't get literally burned by my laptop


The system seems to work, I've just gotten an Ultrabay Hard Drive caddy in the mail and transferred my OS from a USB Hard Disk to some old spinning rust I had laying around, I may throw an SSD in the primary slot when that part shows up in a few days.

Other than that I need the RAM cover, I wanted to set this thing in my lap and walk around with it, but that's covered in electrical tape, soon this glorious little machine will be complete.

I intend to use it as a workstation, Code & Paperwork, the boring adult stuff. I've yet to come up with a name, though considering what I put this thing through the fact that it's not a smoking wreck from ESD or a short or both is pretty awesome, I guess the name should reflect that.

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