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I'm wanting to build a smart alarm clock using a Ras Pi and maybe Alexa API for added functionality. Any thoughts? I have a 3 but feel it's a bit excessive for this sort of thing.


So, if you already have a pi3, just use it, it's good enough, and if you're going for a smart alarm clock, i'd also go for an ambient light to make your device act like a sunrise clock.

I'm also gonna install alexa pi during next week, will post results.


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I just picked up a little ethernet hub for a couple bucks at MIT, ready to plug in a few pis. I was thinking about making a small DHT or something, but I'm not sure. Any lains here have any better ideas?


>smart alarm clock
I don't speak buzzwordish, what does that mean?
>Ras Pi
Seems like an overkill, a micro controller would be sufficient for most "smart" functions in my opinion.
>Alexa API for added functionality
Functionality like what, always-on spying bug in your bedroom?
Actual good functions for alarm clock would be: sleep cycle detection, you need sensor hand bands for that, sunrise simulation through room lights dimming if you live somewhere with 9 months winter, precise time adjustment, but I'd better reside to FM time signal instead of connecting a freaking alarm clock to the Internet.


Besides the ESP8622, Raspberry and their ilk, most microcontrollers are annoying to program.

Not just from a language perspective, that is going to C when you could just go to Lua or Python, but also from a programming and debugging perspective where more specialized equipment is required to program some , nevermind debug (OpenOCD).

Sure you _could_ use ChickenScheme, but actually getting the program on the microcontroller isn't any easier.

Good frameworks for simple RF interaction, as far as I'm aware of, are also horribly unhandy. If you know of one that isn't so, I'd appreciate if you were to share it.

It just seems a lot less painful to use Python's IP modules than using GNU Radio hooks, whether in C or Python.


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