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Feel free to move this thread over to /λ/ which might be where it belongs but I think, given the less programming focused nature of the subject I decided to put it here.

Godot is a godsend for me, I've always wanted to make a game engine, but I'm a lazy soykafstain. I always planned that if I ever got around to making said game engine, it would be mostly written in C++ with the scripting done in another language like Python, so the engine runs in C++ and enemy behavior and events are controlled by the interpreter, manipulating objects defined at a lower level. Somebody already made that, it's called Godot and it's great, and I'd love to see what lainchan can do with such a toolkit.

I'd never heard of this, I dunno maybe I'm just ignorant but when I finally stumbled across it it removed my last excuse not to work on a project I've had simmering for a while, remaking a game I played when I was a kid, but it seems not many others had at least here in the States

So yeah, DIY games thread, grab the source & compile it, or grab a binary, or hell, just download it off steam of all places. It's entirely open source and so far the only issue is that their scripting language GDScript is giving me some trouble, but I'm a soykaf programmer so someone smarter than me probably won't have such an issue.

Would love to see what you're working on, love to contribute to projects, love to test games. Let's have some fun with this.

Bonus Round: Godot supports exporting to other platforms, natively. Even the PS3 of all fuarrrking things, android, iOS if I remember correctly, now this is gonna sound weird but I've always wanted to develop homebrew apps for the PS2. I'm not sure why, I was really into the homebrew scene for that about four years ago and I always wanted to write my own software for it, but I never got around to it. If anyone's familiar with the architecture could they help me add a feature for that? I dunno that's probably too much to ask


I've recently been using the engine because I wanted a solid engine that I could just run on Linux natively. I previously worked with Unity and the transition over to Godot was really simple and smooth. I've been really liking the engine overall, though its pretty obviously geared around 2D rather than 3D.

I haven't really done much on the 3D side, but unless I really see that it can be a replacement for Unity's 3D, I'm not entirely sure if I can ditch Unity.


I'm thinking about making something in Godot, I know some C# so start will be a little easier. Any ideas what can I make?

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