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Any lains here have experience/advice for beowulf clusters? Pic currently is 4 of 8 total pc's set to make up my cluster, hp motherboards with proprietary power adapters and core 2 quads at 3ghz or so with 4gb of ram each, basically made on the budget of a McDonalds meal and two shoestrings. In total I've probably spend about 65$ on these, mostly on ram and psu's oddly enough, and I just need a few more power supplies to get them all up and running in tandem. Im going to use them as a render cluster and im thinking of getting the google deepmind AI source files and maybe puting the AI through my own environments…Either way im definitely going to look into mining monero on them to atleast start earning some of the money back, anyone have other ideas/uses for parallel computing across this machine? Any help or ideas appreciated ^_^

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