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Back in February, a thread was made on applechan by a user with the alias of "clippng" regarding the start of a security related zine, and the search for people interested in working on said zine. The zine was hosted on an etherpad instance, which after a month or so of inactivity, was deleted. But before the etherpad was deleted, I (903) copied the zine's content, removed all of the identifying information and uploaded it to gitlain[1]. A month ago clippng emailed me hoping to get the zine back up and running again, as he had heard I had a copy. Unfortunately, it seems like I responded too late to the email and now it looks like they don't check their email anymore. In the same way as the original project, I'd like to start to look for people interested in working on the zine. If you're interested in what needs to be written, or would like to see what has been written already, have a look at the gitlain repo below. I currently don't have any ideas on how to host the zine in a way other than maybe an etherpad instance or a gitlain repo, so feel free to suggest ideas in that regard. I can be contacted at nineohthree<at>airmail<dot>cc and my PGP key can be found here:



You might want to post this on the old threads involved too, here's the one on 0ch:


Is there any real reason to start another side project? We already have a zine, and I'd love to see security related articles in it. Essentially what I'm asking is what does it bring to the table that is new and interesting?


Also, the email is incorrect, don't use it.

>Is there any real reason to start another side project? We already have a zine, and I'd love to see security related articles in it.
Fragmentation does make it harder to organize, I'll agree with you on that. I would be happy to give the content to lainzine for articles, as well as anyone for their use. Since there wasn't a license on it at the start, and information does want to be free, it'll be copyright-free so anyone can use it.
>Essentially what I'm asking is what does it bring to the table that is new and interesting?
If anything, the zine brings a focus on free software, what we have to hide in this day and age and the organization of groups fighting against various causes. It seems that most security guides today are bent on a sort of libertarian ideology (see anything relating to tor and dark net markets) that isn't present in the zine, where it has a more of anti-capitalist theme, if anything.


I emailed, but I guess that's not the right email.

I basically said I've been working on something like this for a few days, only a basic website rather than a zine. I have a website set up with a ton of information on security and such. It's a few days away from being able to share, mainly because I suck at styling so making it have a cyberpunk theme will be hard for me . I also plan on adding a wiki-style page where people can contribute whatever information they have. I'll also have publicly available redundant backups. Feel free to steal whatever info you want from it. I'll post a link once it's up and running.


No, you sent it to the correct one. is incorrect, whereas is correct.


Honestly I think a sec-zine would be rad. I'd love to participate in it in some way or another. But, I believe we should have a realistic scope and expectation about the size in comparison to the LainZine. It's a comparatively niche subject with even less contributors and readers. As such a four or five page long first edition would be plenty and getting it out their sooner rather than later will give the project a higher chance of survival.

It would also give readers something physical (read digital) to pass around amongst themselves to build hype and hopefully get new writers involved.


Not just that, we have a hard time publishing what we do have, why start another projects? Especially something so similar.

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