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Kalyx ######

File: 1493617191407.jpg (1.03 MB, 2840x2627, tmp_6270-IMG_20170501_2236….jpg)


So lains, have any of you made custom headphones or modded any?

I put 8ohm drivers in an old Soviet tank helmet for about a decade ago. Recently cleaned ut up with 32ohm drivers and removed the dead neck mics.

I love them for sleeping as they are super comfy.


File: 1493727903861.jpg (927.51 KB, 1459x7585, 1492801384636-1.jpg)


That's awesome man, sleeping with regular headphones or earbuds sucks unless you can sleep on your back.


It's really scary how much knowledge goes into good headphones, not just the drivers but the seating is absolutely critical. I've been wanting to play around with both but I think I'd be in over my head even with my math background.


actually ded.


When I made my headphones in the old stinky helmet I just wanted to experiment, and its been a lot of fun.

I have tried quite a few different drivers in them.

Some headphone drivers really reply on that closed cup, some don't, but the painful part is you cant just buy them and try.

I salvage broken headphones and try them when i get them, I put an add for a while, $5 for your broken headphones. provided they where not cheap headphones.


Might be dead, being the end of the month, but could you do a sort of guide on how you did it?


How do you keep it clean? Is there removable lining?


Oh damn mate, I'm sorry.

Its a very modular set of headphones, just where the mics join at your neck and pop out the headphones, pull the microphones though the holes and bam, a blank set, fit some drivers and wire it up, easy as.


Just use baby wipes to wipe it out. Easy as.


Derp I meant

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