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I am planning on making a custom loop water cooled rig, when I gotnto looking at it I'd need a new case too. So I thought why not make a wallmounted case too?

The upgrade will move me to Ryzon and a DDR4 compatible motherboard. That will set me back only about $500

Cooling Loop:
Okay so good news with this is because I wont have a "case" it will save me some troubles with having to flex lines and buying a soykafload of fittings. Still probably going to run me about $500 or a little less to get all I need for it.

Wallmounted Case:
That's going to be the cheapest part, if I go pretty simple with it, $20 easy. Thought I am still thinking of how I want to design it.

WARNING: If you wall mount your computer make sure you consider weight and mount it to studs/supports in your wall with some heavy duty stuff. I'll find a good video showing how to do this.

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