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Kalyx ######

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Anyone know enough about hardware to put together a bills of material so I could order the parts to make my own open source hardware flash drive? Found this project that seems to have everything that's needed


A controller + microSD card is not really an "open source" flash drive, because probably the card itself has a more complex proprietary microcontroller inside.
Try parsing this file for used components.


Is there anything thatd be closer to a open source flash drive/storage device?


Something that has DIY controller, and bare silicon memory chips.


doesnt seem like that is available to purchase or even to build tho


shouldn't making a fully open source USB pretty simple thing now?



the problem is finding an open microcontroller.

Some people are working on the first one:

But even this is not 100% open, as explained in the article.


jeez that sucks =\

what about this u2f zero though isnt this completely open source? it stores some data in it

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