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Kalyx ######

File: 1507508025800.jpeg (460.29 KB, 1600x1200, 1*YJZkVIuHPXzTcOGRJNIGXA.jpeg)


What does arisuchan thinks of this thingy?


File: 1507518428785.jpg (52.71 KB, 500x375, 1507001239013.jpg)

It's silly. A high school kid approaching the problem of public disinterest in cyber security as a flashy gimmick deficiency.


File: 1507523339458.png (528.47 KB, 387x720, g_maki_um.png)

Pretty good for target audience. If I owned a business it might be a good way to improve non-technical employees on networks but that's all.


Calm down, Ms. Nelly Negative. I think that any attempt for awareness is a plus. If the creator shows it to 10 of her friends to convince them that cybersecurity is important, I think that's a small victory.
Now, the rpi is already a niche tool for hobbyists, so the spypi isn't remotely an awareness campaign to amaze the masses. It's something for a person to show their friends and get them thinking.
Unfortunately, there's little documentation on how it was built unless you email her (for german documentation), so it doesn't seem like something readily available for hobbyists to just do. To me, that's its biggest failure.


File: 1507524479708.jpg (1.66 MB, 3000x1500, i_started_pills_when_i_was….jpg)

Excuse me my malesplaining, but how is this different from running a generic pentesting software on any other portable computer, i.e. IBM Thinkpad for example. Besides that, MITM proxies and dictionary attacks are nothing more than a beginner skiddie tools outdated by today's standards, not something what NSA and other LEAs use on a massive scale. I guess, this project is good for getting normalgag attention, what women are especially good at, about their privacy, encryption and other nerd stuff as if Eddie Snowden, invasive proprietary software EULAs and 10 years of WikiLeaks weren't enough.
>this thing needs active cooling
absolute madness
Never the less, her clothing is too much sexually objectified, especially that shoulder band, tatoos with philosophical insinuations and midriff-exposing tee-top. Would have been nicer if she wore more traditional German clothing like hijab or burka.

Overall, not bad for a (high)school project, I think. Back in my days 13-year-olds could only solder i8080 or Zilogs with bunch of wires then had to manually flip switches by byte writing in ROM to get a primitive 8-bit computer that couldn't do such amazing things like executing programs written in memory-safe languages and wireless packet data capturing.


Oh the subtlety.



rofl. This thing is cool and on a /cyb/ themed board you should drool about someone building their own cyberdeck instead of throwing in burkas and hijabs. Are you an offended muslim or what? Last time I checked people could wear whatever they want and I would like it if it stays that way.

Building you own computer is great project and more people should do it. Of course this is no news for alice, but everyone once did it for the first time. No one's gonna do it if you present it as some white collar business soykaf. At least none of the people that will be good at it.


Nice. So, how do you presume to explain exploit development to normal people? Or any of the other aspects of security research?

Because everything that's not skiddy-tier happens to be the research side, which require more attention and knowledge than the average layman has.

It's also somewhat annoying to make contrived demonstrations of hijacks when you constantly have to update your demonstrations so they keep working.


File: 1507759619813.gif (772.79 KB, 259x214, 1490555539965.gif)

>Would have been nicer if she wore more traditional German clothing like hijab or burka

I'm ashamed to say that I took you seriously up until this


It's okay, I'm not that fond of its form factor, could've used a more sleek approach, but that's just me.

offtopic though: is that girl really from HS? she looks waay older, maybe it's the lightning.


She's 19. Apparently total school time in Switzerland spans up to 12 years and she is on last year.


>"ethical hacking"
people need to fuck off with this oxymoronic meme


Please stop trying to stir soykaf.


I agree, "ethical" hacking is as much of an oxymoron as "ethical cooking" or "ethical car repair".
80's journalists started colloquially naming phone phreakers, software crackers and outright computer criminals "hackers" because some of them happened to be working at MIT, and "hacker" was an internal name for mainframe wizard. Let me guess, next 20 years all "hackers" will be called "russians" if they continue with this burger election clickbait bullsoykaf. Hi, I'm Ivan and I'm an ethical russian.
Um, sweetie, don't get triggered over posts on a cameroonian cocoa-harvesting message board.


Please don't get triggered over a preference for quality over epic randumb brewing soykaf.


>oxymoron as "ethical cooking"
ftw vegan…


egoist vegans where you at (I do it because it's healthy and ecologically sound)


looks like some of the early russian spy stuff that we hired during the cold war.
you know, stuff from the book 'billion dollar spy'


>ethical russian


>ethical russian
now that's an oxymoron

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