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File: 1511307805286.png (1.32 MB, 1524x867, eyetap.png)


Sup' Alice, what do you think of EyeTap? It's basically the precursor to Google Glass - a wearable computer that records what you see and displays additional information in front of your eye.
I always wanted something like this, so I can use it to IRC 24/7 and experiment with computer-mediated reality. Unfortunately, I lack the necessary skills in optics and 3D printing to build one myself.


>I lack the necessary skills
develop them. everyone lacks them at some point.


While this anon's answer is relatively unhelpful it does highlight a question. What kind of skills are necessary to build a functional EyeTap?

For sure electronics 101, and minimally eye-tracking ( ?), but also some optical recognition for it to be in the slightest bit able to do more than display a static overlay.

Anyone has good sources for the required skills grouped or individually? I'm curious too.


Wouldn't this mess up your focusing?


You could take a cheapo security camera you can get on aliexpress for less than $5, take the spectrum filter out, and have a full spectrum camera. Now overlay what the camera sees on your normal vision. Maybe it could automatically come on if the light level drops or something.

I can wiggle my ears, maybe I could find a way to use that as a control, like Hawking's keyboard

If you found a way to interface with the little square displays that they had on the back side of flip phones, that would be the perfect. Resolution doesn't really matter that much, but 60 hz refresh would certainly be nice to have.

If anyone knows of a good place to source a good beamsplitter/mirror or display that would be easily interfaced with that is a good size, please share.

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