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Kalyx ######

File: 1519851976442.jpg (243.47 KB, 970x728, log_001.jpg)


I'd like to build a mini computer that I can put next to my bed so I can listen to some music or play a little game when I'm there. Will base this on a Raspberry Pi for now since that is easily available. This will be the build log o/

Right now I have ordered:

- A RasPi 3 Model B

- A PiTFT Plus screen (Adafruit ID:2616); it's in 320x240 which should be fine for some Retro or Indie Game Fun. 2.8 inch isn't a whole lot but we'll see how this works out. Touch functionality will be useful to control the music player.

- some GPIO Ribbon Cable so I can access the leftover GPIOs. I plan to add a speaker and some LEDs later on so I'll need those.

- random MicroSD Card

Other parts will come later.. LEDs, Game Controller, Speaker, Keyboard… got all of this laying around already from past projects. We'll see how everything fit's together. For now I'd just like to get the display going, never played around with a small display like this. Once this works I'll add all the random features.

The package should arrive later this week, but there is a chance it will be held captive for several weeks at the soykafty customs because writing an invoice takes 4 weeks. We'll see.


File: 1520038934226.jpg (19.66 KB, 600x600, serveimage.jpg)

Dude, that's a pretty awesome Idea. You could even attach it to one of those makeup mirror arms and have it move out from the wall. >pic related>>705



That's a good idea actually. I'll think about it. One that can be rotated in all directions would be nice.

The parts, of course, didn't arrive yet. Thanks customs!


any of the parts arrive yet?



haha yeah everything arrived but since I'm an idiot I ignored the documentation and it turns out the SD Card is too small. I've already ordered a bigger one.

The display attaches really well and it looks pretty cool, but I can't turn it on or attach any cool soykaf yet since it's missing the OS.


Ive run a raspi on a 2gb SD card, as my main computer, for protracted periods of time.

How did you get one that's _too_ small?



the website says it should be 8 GB and I got 4. Since I want to put some games and music on it I figured it should have some spare GB as well.

No idea what they did to make it 8 gigs.


be sure to check out Pico-8 for games


File: 1520978969370.jpg (340.46 KB, 1245x934, DSC06039.JPG)

Finally came around build it. It was really easy with the SD image on their homepage and everything worked like out of the box.

The PICO8 is great and runs fine on it.

Next I need to add some sound.



Check out dietpi, it'll easily fit in 2gb and it's less bloat than raspbian.


Do you think you can make a pdf tutorial on how you made it? It would be greatly appreciated if you could!


What the fuck? Where did you order from that customs are any kind of concern at orders below 40$?


I live in the beautiful country of austria and just about everything I ever order is checked by customs and delayed between 1 or 3 weeks. I've been in other countries where nothing ever was checked unless it was hundreds of dollars, but the guys here really have too much time. It's just like that.



i would love to see what happens when its done

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