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File: 1521728544341.png (948.41 KB, 1500x1000, WhiteFox-Wood-min_2048x204….png)


Hey lainons, I have had a nice mechanical keyboard for a couple years, when it finally broke a couple months ago. I desoldered all the switches and carefully pulled them from the keyboard. I have been drooling over the whitefox keyboard layout pictured, but I don't have anything near the cash to buy one of their circuit boards. I would like to do a "manhattan" style circuit, but I need a plate for all the keys to click into first. Does anyone have any ideas how I could make/have made for me a cheap custom plate in my chosen layout? I would much appreciate some help with my little project.


Do you have access to tools to do metal machining ? it seems like probably a requirement to have such access and skill to use them..

Otherwise, there are places online you can order plates of this sort from (after submitting vector images of their layouts or whatnought), which might be easier if you dont know what youre doing.f


You could get it laser cut somewhere. Ponoko can do acrylic and maybe steel for instance.


depending on your city, there may be convenient ish hack/maker spaces who might have the tools to do such a thing, as well as people who know how to use them and could help you.

Of coures not all are really easy to get into (or cheap to get into) but it might be worth a lookaround.

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