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I'm working on a sci-fi story. I'm having difficulty with the name. I'm debating between "Psychocidal" and "I was depressed for a while, I'm OK now" or "Psychocidal: I was depressed for a while, I"m OK now". Thoughts?


Neither of those seem to match the story of De Bello Gallico.

I think, it would help, for us to know something about the your story, for I imagine it is not De Bello Gallico.


What do the Gallic Wars have to do with this? Or is this image related to an animated rendition of the DBG?

Anyways- to be brief, the aesthetic of the story is highly dependent on dream psychology and depression- it's very metaphor driven and takes place in 3 main acts. The MC is a listless shut in burn out who takes a radical approach to cure his neurosis/psychosis.

I'm being vague here- but I'm mainly trying to come up with a name reflective of being stuck in your own head.


My take would be "SYSCHIP OS". It's an anagram of "Psychosis" and both expressions would fit well with your theme since the mind can somewhat be understood as the "operating system" of your body. Maybe, that gives you some inspiration.


i like Psychocidal on its own


Psychocidal sounds really cool!


Great! I'm slowly working on it still, but just a bit at a time

That's also a cool idea. I think that might be a good name for the system being used in the story

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