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It has been a year since I built my ebike.
For around 1.5k I managed to build a new bike and slap a 52 Volt motor to the cranks. I can now commute on bike trails at up to 35 mph for around 40 miles on a charge with very little maintenance cost. I feel like for inner city and even in suburban areas this is far more optimal than a car or a bus.

Pic is not my ebike, but a build using the same motor and battery.

What does Alice think of Ebikes? Does Alice use an Ebike?


>>781 if 1.5k means 1500 USD, i think that's too much. i can get a proper motorbike for that price. Is there a way doing it with more "industrial" parts, not fancy premade ebike kits?

Aside from the price, it's a very good idea i think. The best thing is: when you want to commute to work in the morning and don't want to sweat or you're tired, you can use the motor, and when you want to do some sport or touring, you can turn off the motor and cycle it with your legs.


well, you can assemble the kits yourself from parts online, and that works great. ebike motors are super simple and there are millions of vendors all selling the same grade equipment.

1500USD is quite a bit above what a normal DIY costs, but with a crank mounted motor dumping twice the legal limit wattage output into a cassette via a bike chain, it became nessesary to swap a lot of parts and that figure includes the frame, wheels, brakes, handlebars, etc.

Id say if you already had a bike with disc brakes and you wanted to make an ebike out of it, youd end up spending 200 dollars on a hub motor, controller, throttle, and screen, and then 400 on a devent battery, which is a much cheaper build.

Sure, at that point you can get a motorbike, which is bound to burning gas, being loud as hecc, and stuck on the road. (and much more maintenance compared to a hub motor ebike)

Personally I dont do much pedalling, I basically did make an electric scooter, but its way more reliable than a scooter, has more torque, is stealthier, and I can take it more places.


I have been looking into this, I have a spare bike that I could do it to, I just don't know much about which parts are good and if there are any well established companies you can buy DIY parts from that don't end up costing as much as a car.


>For around 1.5k I managed to build a new bike and slap a 52 Volt motor to the cranks.

Wait, are you meaning to say you've took a bike and put some $1500 dollar electronics on it? Or do you mean you built a whole bike and electronics for $1500? Which is it?


OP here
For 1500 I built a hardtail bike from scratch with good components that worked will with my motor output, and then added a motor and battery

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