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Im currently stealing wi-fi from 4 neighbours, and i want to connect to all of them, load balance the connections and make my own wi-fi network from that, someone told me that with a router with DD-WTR i could do it, but since i live in a 3rd world country, there's only old hardware.
So the questions:
- Is it possible to do it?
- Do i need a lot of networking/coding knowledge/How hard is to archive?
- What is the best hardware/software to do it?

Thx annon


You would need 1 router or WiFi adapter for each connection.
If you have all 4 adapters connected to your computer and you are running Windows try this:
The program have been discontinued, but it worked when I needed it a few years ago…
If you are going for the routers way:
You would need to configure each router to act as a Client connected to the APs. Then use a switch to connect everything together. And another router to be your hotspot.
I hope it makes sense. Sorry for my English…



File: 1555100191524.jpg (304.97 KB, 450x253, ClusterHAT-v2-in-use-sm.jpg)

You'd be limited to a top end burst throughput of around maybe 150 Mbps on a good day due all the traffic needing to move across the USB 2.0 bus on the Pi3, but with this hat you could have each Pi Zero W connected to a designated WiFi network then enable IP forwarding and expose it as a NIC to the Pi3B. Then on the Pi3B you could set up your load balancing and networking however you please across these Pi0 NICs. Another benefit of this is that you could do some additional processing of data as it passes across the Pi0s or the Pi3B.

I may pick one of these up to experiment with this.

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