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Help me fix this shit.

Kalyx ######

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I was playing with multiple desktops on my new OS, there was a specific monitor in my first desktop that I wanted to just display a couple of websites, since there was nothing else going on in there. As I don't have a tiling wm I just tiled 2 full Chrome instances top and bottom. I wasn't satisfied with how it looked, because it still had all the top controls and borders. After evaluating some options I just decided to make my own solution based on Electron. Basically I made a very minimalist setup with <webview> tags that displays up to 4 different websites at once. There are 16 different layouts to choose from plus a bunch of other options like presets and theme.

Certainly very limited as a browser but it works for that niche purpose.


What's the site on the bottom?


Just to throw this out there:
 chromium --app= 

would get rid of the controls

it looks like you would keep your chrome extensions this way which would be better for adblock, userstyles, mitigating fingerprinting/tracking, etc.

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