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Kalyx ######

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So I started a decently ambitious project a while ago: to make a nice client for matrix (
I've come quite a way since, and it's almost in a usable state!

The special thing about neo is that it runs it's own local daemon, with which frontends can communicate.
For that person I have and now.

Since it's very barebones right now, I would love help, or suggestions. Implementing roomswitching is the highest priority at the moment, and then encryption (using matrix' libolm, the readme is incorrect)

So, what do you think lains?


Pretty cool idea. Like the logo, very /cyb/.


What knowledge would I need to have in order to help ?


why did you choose to go with a local daemon and a frontend? im not sure i quite see the benefits to doing that, since i imagine identities are tied to front ends, and you can already host your own matrix server.

that aside this is a really cool project and im interested to see where it goes. maybe ill learn some go and contribute to it if i can. good luck, lain!


I met a very talented artist, who made it for me

At the moment: Go
In the future I am probably switching from using gobs (Go data format) to json for daemon-client communication. This means you could help make another frontend in every language you want!

I imagine it in basically the same way mpd works, to provide one single backend for multiple different clients


I have resumed development on Neo. It's a complete rewrite, this time I'm trying a GUI client with Python 3 and GTK


I assume this will be simply a standalone GUI client and only that?



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