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Kalyx ######

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idk whether this chan is even still alive, but it was a year ago, and if anyone is coming to leipzig this year, there's more lain fanatics to be met. Come to the fuwa beria assembly.
if there's actually people replying we could hold a meetup or a lain watching session like last year.


Is there anything interesting this year?


Thanks for the gift, Santa! Will hop on to live streams.


File: 1545826971734.jpeg (431.72 KB, 782x1414, serveimage.jpeg)

A couple of friends go. Maybe I can make it next year, but I'm always pretty busy with RL. Looking forward to the streams and recordings anyway.

There are lots of interesting talks as usual, check the schedule (day 1/4):


I sadly can't attend this year. Maybe next time, I'll hopefully have a new Project to show off by then. Have a good time over there!


Hey, I'll come. It's always nice to meet lainons irl.


Don't you feel overwhelmed with all these events? How do you choose which one to attend?


dont bother with the presentations.

Hang out. talk to people. Talk to new people. Drink tea.

Its a great place to meet people. Dont waste it listening to randos giving presentations below your level.


Just pick a couple that you like, especially the fun ones so you can have a laugh with your friends. Since all the talks are recorded I'd rather just enjoy the party and hang out with people as much as possible.


I can't be there in person so I'm sitting at home, watching the talks and sipping beer. Hope you all have a great time there


Joschas Talk "Ghost in the Machine" will be In about 9 hours:

His previous talks were fantastic and highly relevant to this chan, so check that out if you can.

>Artificial Intelligence gives us a uniquely fascinating and clear perspective at the nature of our minds and our relationship to reality. We will discuss perception, mental representation, agency, consciousness, selfhood, and how they can arise in a computational system, like our brain.


SEL public viewing / screening tonight maybe, still need a place.

idk how many were at the screening last year, so, we gonna do the first ~6 eps again? start at ep 7? something inbetween?


okay update they are very anal about copyright this year because of the german "GEMA" bullsoykaf (google it). two stages declined to offer us their place because of this.

BUT found a stage to go to, they asked about time, told them 1am. Apparently they're expecting a flashmob in ~2h there and running around with their hair on fire already. Told me to come back at midnight to ask again and probably it would be okay.

Freifunk stage here:,447.09,404.81,5

However, my laptop has no HDMI, so I need to find someone who lends his laptop for the screening.


aiming for ~1am (after the hebocon robot fight thingy) today/technically tomorrow at the FF stage i linked.

but the stage can only give me definitive confirmation at midnight, so monitor the thread till then.


okay the people from the stage will be there at 1am and help setup the screening even. we'll wait until 1:15am because setup and people being at hebocon. reply if you need longer.


File: 1546134560694.jpg (1.1 MB, 1996x1497, screening.jpg)


~5 of us are at the teehaus currently, last chance to meetup i guess

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