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Kalyx ######

File: 1501186063155.jpg (253.4 KB, 900x675, 6ccc59990b96c22d06e0039682….jpg)


Hello, lain. I came here to vent about my perpetual lonlenes. I have no hope of ever know ing the joy of love ans compainionship. Sometimes it, when I think about it, or someone says something about he subject it hurts. How do I cope with this. Ignoring ot only helps short term


File: 1501197683461.gif (47.86 KB, 275x325, 1494135281283-h.gif)

You have us lainon. You can always keep you warm


Thabka, but I fear that is no substitute


File: 1501200202853.jpg (217.57 KB, 1700x1144, kdok3jdi-g34d1499215703522….jpg)

Do you think you are ugly or something? What is your deal?


Yes, I am a manlet, and facially ugly, and spergtastic


File: 1501200861254.jpg (199.84 KB, 1024x1024, godbless.jpg)

What is your height? I have seen what ugly is capable of getting. Don't worry. You will find someone even if you truly are ugly and spergy. Cheer up lainon. I get it is tough. Cry and then jerk off. One of the best things in the world.




How ugly? Honestly. Like what can you compare it to?


I'm a woman and fugly as fuck,

Fuck the haters nong.


I won't do you the disservice of telling you it's ok and everything will be alright.

5'3 isn't abnormally short, you can find potential love interests. You being ugly is fixable, I can't say what makes you ugly, but it's fixable. The perception of ugliness is caused by you seeming unhealthy, whether you have a weak jaw, weird skin, or by seeming unhygienic. Take care of yourself on a daily basis, work on improving the things that can't be improved instantly, and you'll look better and feel better.

The "joy" of love is an idea romanticized in your head by the media, it's nothing but a sham. But I still suggest you improve your appearance, no necessarily to attract potential mates, but because you'll be able to climb higher in society, which will lead to more money, and by extension give you more freedom. Freedom is what you should romanticize, not juvenile concepts like companionship.

Good luck, whatever road you choose, I guess you can see my choice from the post. I don't regret it so far.


Do you have a job, Lain? Do you find yourself in public at all each day?


You make a good point, however I believe that it is two fold: our biological need for a mate, and societies' pressure to find one. I will think about the whole freedom thing when ever I am down.


Yes I work at a fast food place
20-40 hrs


Our biology can be overwritten and society can get fucked, your happiness comes first.

I guess most people don't understand the freedom thing because they had it since birth. You need to really get to a hopeless state where you have to do things you don't want to do under a certain threat (military in my case). I'll take freedom over pussy any day, and I'm a 24yo apprentice wizard.


Really OP? I don't mean to be indolent but I'm in the same position and I don't reallly give a soykaf.
Only occassionally I think about this, and it's more of a "Huh, I'm kind of detached from the general values of this society because they revolve mostly about having a family and related stuff, and I'm so alien from the social protocols that allow for this that I have zero hope of attaining it."
It only hurts me in the sense that this leaves me with essentially no purpose and that I don't have any motivation to pursue a career….
But the lack of a companion itself is so natural to me, that the sole idea of having any sort of romantic relationship is completely alien to me. Even as I see this idea being propagated literally everywhere, all I can see is a bunch of gratuitous problems.
That I do hate, the fact that it's propagated everywhere. Being an outsider to it kind of makes me see through the feelings that it tries to evoke, and it's just annoying that there's always a girl for the hero or some soykaf closely along that line. Indeed, "love" as in romantic relationships seems as unidimensional and boring, it's generally just lazily slapped on everything to effortlessly appeal to the wider public.
Anyway, I hope you do better OP.


File: 1501784273836.jpg (36.92 KB, 366x361, 1394318875818.jpg)

From my experience I'm pretty sure its linked to honesty, you have to be honest with people about what you want and what you are, you have to be strong enough to brush off people who try to hurt you, because if you don't do both of those things, people will know you are hiding something.
Then, you come across as creepy, or weak and if you appear weak then people will be less likely to put energy and time into you, especially if you're a man.
If you want those 3dDDs then what you don't is try to manipulate things to get em, embrace who you are and what you want.


File: 1501795645194.pdf (3.82 MB, [Henry_David_Thoreau]_Wald….pdf)

“I find it wholesome to be alone the greater part of the time. To be in company, even with the best, is soon wearisome and dissipating. I love to be alone. I never found the companion that was so companionable as solitude.”

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