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Kalyx ######

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I'm going to post some things that have been happening in my mind lately, because I think some of you will be able to relate and maybe offer some advice.

My connection with meatspace has been cutting out. I'll try to explain what I mean: Imagine you are watching a film or playing a game and you are 100% immersed, and there is a power cut. You would get a surge of clarity as your reality suddenly switches from that of the film or game to that of meatspace. What's been happening to me is my immersion in meatspace is having sudden drops in the exact same way, the difference here is there is no, for lack of a better term, 'higher' reality for me to be pulled into. I see meatspace (including my own physical form) entirely objectively as if without a point of reference, in the same way that in the game example you would suddenly see that reality as just a screen.
I have noticed that when this happens I start interacting with meatspace, causing things to change, pushing things over, moving around etc. I think this is my subconscious mind trying to reconnect with meatspace by stimulating my senses with signals from it.

I am not saying this is only negative, I think it could be utilized in a useful manner, but I won't pretend its not stressful. If you have experience with this kind of thing, do you know of any ways it can be controlled and utilized? Just as bad as my inability to halt it is my inability to incite it. I've seen people talking about what I interpret as this kind of thing giving advice like 'push through it and you will find truth' or more abstractly 'seek mebious' (don't worry this whole thing isn't just from putting too much weight on SEL, I just connected this to that webpage when it started) but I don't know how to do these things. I am completely lost.

Sorry for the large amount of text, attached are some pretty maidens as a thank you for reading it. I'm posting this thread on applechan as well, but I'm not showing them to them, only you <3


Don't try to use it or incite it. It doesn't sound beneficial.


File: 1502479397447-0.gif (3.31 MB, 320x180, エーテル.gif)

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you're dissociating. happens ┐( '_`;)┌

whether it's "good" or "bad" depends on your outlook, i guess, but hopefully knowing what to call it gives a platform for research and moving forwards on your own.


File: 1502483163018.jpg (241.13 KB, 670x992, 000004.jpg)

as for the whys and hows and things, the general consensus is an origin as a defence mechanism, a way to separate the self from things that hurt; when they're happening to "somebody else" they can't break you as readily. so that would generally show up in situations where the person is unable to proactively respond (why childhood gets brought up all the time, because children are at the whims of adults for things, but can happen in any analogous situation). have found it can also show up for more overlooked reasons (as they effect fewer people), though: living mostly in one's head, having little contact with other humans, and "reality hopping" (going from book to film to game to chatroom and back again). thus, one way to combat this (if you care to) might be pushing yourself to take part in more "meatspace" activities with a core group of people. can help for the due-to-abuse version too, though there's generally a lot of anxiety / panic / etc that makes it harder.

and to usefulness, sure, can be used to "autopilot" through difficult situations, suppose. you're likely to miss things that might help with getting out of those situations, though, so it's a trade-off


File: 1502499168768.jpg (18.2 KB, 400x360, serveimage2577YN0E.jpg)

Not on its own, but I was thinking it could be used for some kind of deep meditative state.

Thank you, but unfortunately I checked the org thread first where someone had already linked me to the articles on depersonalization-derealization so they stole all of the gratitude that should've gone to you. I mean you did a cute little shrug and everything, you're really putting in the effort.

>living mostly in one's head, having little contact with other humans, and "reality hopping" (going from book to film to game to chatroom and back again)
Well, er, I guess that explains it then. Thanks for the information, its cool that being an average lainchan user has the same effects as years of childhood abuse.


I've had similar experiences OP while >>496 is right about it being a defense mechanism, one of the meds being used to treat it is nalaxone which is an opoid antagonist. You are probably flooding your system with too many endorphins from constant stimulation. Try no-fap and not always switching from one thing to another trying to be entertained. It worked for me, I hope I'm not projecting too much.


in my experience anyway, this is probably a result of some sort of thing happening or having-happened in your life. if you want to get your psychological state under control, its a probably pretty prudent plan to try and figure out what is effecting you, and causing this, that it may be addressed if possible.

seperatley, as far as controlling and inducing this sort of thing, I feel like I had some success meditating into a state like that (forgive me, my vocabulary to describe this sort of thing seems rather sparse), some years ago. Not with quite the immediate zoomy-out feeling you seem to describe, but the third person dettached-ness and feeling of being an observer to self, most certainly. I also participated in some therapy which, in reflection I am not sure was supposed to follow a detached perspective, but used hypnotherapy to do sort of guided visualization meditation. it might be useful for keeping that sort of thing in your head, rather than manifesting suddenly when you're doing something in the world, but then I don't know your situation.

that said, I am not sure if really I controlled those, and furthermore am not really sure if any like, benefit or interest came of it. frankly it usually makes me feel a bit sick, and even if the actual experience fades it leaves a lingering sense of, I am not really sure. feeling like the world could all fall apart at any minute and I am not sure I'd care.

perhaps this is one of the few situations where it'd be truly useful, but honestly probably the ideal path would be to try and prevent those situations from happening entirely. I sorta think some of us get this disassociation as a result of being in those places where its useful a little too often. but I suppose its easier said than done, to get out,

>You are probably flooding your system with too many endorphins from constant stimulation

this sounds rather totally not like the times when I've had increases of disassociation events, I suppose I dont really know how the whole like, biochemical side of things work, but this description evokes a totally different image than whenever I've had feelings analogous to OP.

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