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Kalyx ######

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What do you do to motivate yourself? post things that your proud of accomplishing. I got accepted into college despite having a soykafe gpa but i'm sliding even more in my senior year of high school than ever before.


Being promoted and given two seperate pay rises totalling 15k in less than 12 months made me feel pretty fucking good.


Hey neat, me too. Didn't end up going because I don't have the money for it right now but I plan on going in a few years. Aviation is rad. For now though I wanna get into programming and learning more about computers. My hope some day is to be the guy that writes fighter jet software. Might be a tad difficult but hell I've got time.
After all that I think I wanna learn about robotics.

I guess I don't really motivate myself that much. I see something I want to do and get started on it. Money is the only issue, so for now it's slaving away until I can do what I want.

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