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How do you get drugs, anon?

I've only ever tried cigarettes, but I want to try marijuana and LSD.

I don't have any dealers or people who would know dealers.



What are you, 14?

In all honesty, if you don't know anybody who could hook you up with that stuff, try downloading the Whisper app for your phone and looking/asking there. There's bound to be someone selling on it, and if not, you're bound to find someone by just making a post and asking.


Thank you for the suggestion, but sadly it didn't work. Guessing because I live in a 60k citizen town in a small non-English speaking nation.

Any other ideas?


Darknet marketplaces, perhaps. Though I've no experience buying from them personally so I can't really help you with specifics.


>>124 clearly, cigarettes are drugs, what's the problem?


the problem is that, while tobacco is incredibly harmful in a way that marijuana and LSD don't even touch, >>124 seems to think that cigarettes are too childish to be a real drug. I blame BIg Tobacco and the material conditions of capitalism.


I first got into the world of drugs by attending parties, you're bound to find at least one guy that can get whatever you need or at least know somebody who does, it takes a bit of socializing, and not exactly easy if like me, you're somewhat socially anxious.

After a while you may be able to get a trusted provider, it's good if you can slowly build up a stash, that will certainly help in those moments when you need but can't be arsed to go out and buy it.

What country do you live in, if that's not too intrusive of me?


>What are you, 14?
exactly what a 15 yro edgelord would say


No one older than 16 says "edgelord".


Can we all agree to be decent to eachother.
No use in everyone insisting everyone else is a child.
If you have actual criticism, feel free to explain.


mom you don't understand!


Please stop being rude.

I don't know about weed but in some countries you can legally buy 1P-LSD. It's often a legal gray area and works very well.


tbh weed is okay, all it really does is just makes you feel like soykaf slowed down a little, nothing special like everyone says, its not some miracle drug


>Whisper is a proprietary iOS and Android mobile app available without charge. It is a form of anonymous social media, allowing users to post and share photo and video messages anonymously,
I smell FBI afroamericans from this side of screen.
OP, don't pick the bait. Find one of darknet (tor, i2p wikis) markets that operates in your area, don't accept mail packages, only drops.
My personal advice would be not to do drugs as the substance you receive is not regulated by anyone and probably is 90% talc with colors smuggled in someone's anus through the border, a piece of paper dipped in lemon juice with DOB, may cause unexpected psychic reactions. Smoking weed is just as bad for your lungs as smoking tobacco and makes your brain reactions degrade in long period.
Also there are some poorfag methods for getting high like psychedelic shrooms from your local forest, peyote cactus, nuts from latin america, huffing on fermented piss and soykaf, etc.


Oh my, I've answered to a year-old thread. G-d damnit necrobumpers.


Individual reactions to weed are super variable. High doses give me a trip into some kind of computer game, feeling like I have to complete a level, while completely dissociated in a meditative way. (I also went into the danger zone of K2 and almost died on that soykaf, turning into a ball of lightning among a thousand explosions - the dank way of my brain, screaming for oxygen while I puked unconsciously)

1p-Alice is good stuff. If acid-25 was completely different, I wouldn't care either. I took the ticket and found what I searched for.

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