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Does lain have mental illness? Does lain take psychiatric medication for it? I take bupropion 300mg (antidepressant), lamotrigine 300mg (anticonvulsant [for mood stabilization]), and quetiapine 50mg (antipsychotic) as off-label treatment for borderline personality disorder. I've tried many different combinations of medication over the years, but I've never been as stable as I am now. Medication may not be the only answer, but if you are still suffering, please don't give up. There may be something that helps.

Please note that this topic is for discussion of psychiatric medication, not attitudes towards psychiatry in general. Please take your anti-psychiatry conspiracy theory somewhere else.


All I take is focalin for ADHD-I. I like it better than other stimulants because it provides a low level of energy throughout the day rather than a high level all at once, so I feel like I can concentrate like a normal person. Also, it doesn't fuck with my appetite.


i took 200mg of buproprion daily up until recently. the thing i hate about anti-depressants (i was on various SSRIs, but for lesser periods than the year and a half i was on buproprion) is not being able to daydream. i felt like i had no imagination, and when working on creative pursuits, i felt completely stagnant, making no progress unless under the influence of something additional like pot. i have much more control over my depression nowadays, but buproprion really helped stabilize me during a serious downward spiral and it wouldn't be too far of a reach to say that it saved/changed my life.


I have skitzoaffective disorder.

Currently I take Rispolept injections every 2 weeks. I should be also doing 200mg quetiapine, but that soykaf (and the dose) makes me sleepy as hell, I used to need an hour or two at work just to wake up. Stopped taking it in early spring, life is great without it, but sometimes I fear of experiencing psychosis again (it's been almost 2 years since the last one).


If your risperidone is working, I don't see why you should need to take a second antipsychotic on top of that.

What does your psychosis feel like?



> If your risperidone is working, I don't see why you should need to take a second antipsychotic on top of that.

I was taking for it's anti-depressant features, but fun fact that I had suicidal thoughts very often which almost dissappeared when I've stopped doing that.
A psychiatrist at psyward told me that I could stop taking it "in the future" (it happened more than a year go), but I've never visited my "personal" psychiatrist to discuss that.

> What does your psychosis feel like?

I get very paranoid and get filled with false memories. I just think of an event and almost instantly I can "remember" it happening. It's just my imagination, but it feels like a memory.
So basically, I lose understanding of a world and come up with very unrealistic stories which I believe. If you'd add aliens there, it would be a full blown movie.
Also, I feel very depressive and helpless.

On the other hand, everything is very good lately, but I still fear the psychosis coming back.


I guess ADHD-PI/ADD is a mental illness. I mean, what's the difference between a disorder and an illness? Not much. Anyways, I take 80mg of Strattera. It hasn't changed my personality that much, thankfully. Weirdly enough, when I started taking it at 40mg it felt a bit like a Marijuana high. That stopped after a week though, and I have no idea why.



I have schizoaffective disorder as well. I absolutely loathed injections so now I'm on Abilify and Cipralex with the occasional dose of olanzipine when I have trouble sleeping.

I never had psychosis like you had but I believed reality was an illusion and had dream-like episodes where everything was surreal.

I sometimes fear my psychosis will come back as well but I feel I am more prepared now that I actually know what is ailing me. It took awhile to diagnose and a year and a half going in an out of the hospital but now I'm just happy I'm working on improving myself and getting better.

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