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What is Psychogeography?
Psychogeography is an approach to geography that emphasizes playfulness and "drifting" around urban environments. It has links to the Situationist International. Psychogeography was defined in 1955 by Guy Debord as "the study of the precise laws and specific effects of the geographical environment, consciously organized or not, on the emotions and behavior of individuals."

Another definition is "a whole toy box full of playful, inventive strategies for exploring cities… just about anything that takes pedestrians off their predictable paths and jolts them into a new awareness of the urban landscape."


Psychogeography and Urbex share a common ancestry, although the latter is generally divorced from the more esoteric foundations of Psychogeography.

Reading/Watching Material


The London Perambulator

Will Self: Obsessed with Walking

Will Self's Kafka Journey: A Prague Walking Tour

Will Self at Google

Will Self: Isolation, Solitude, Loneliness and the Composition of Long-Form Fiction

From Hill To Sea - Dispatches from the Fife Psychogeographical Collective


The Great Conjunction: The Symbols of a College, the Death of a King and the Maze on the Hill

Psychogeoraphy: A way to delve into the soul of a city

Scarp by Nick Papadimitriou

Edgelands: Journey into England's True Wilderness by Michael Symmons Roberts and Paul Farley

Psychogeography by Will Self

Psychogeography by Merlin Coverley
Mind Invaders: A Reader in Psychic Warfare, Cultural Sabotage and Semiotic Terrorism by Stewart Home:


Thomas Koner's La Barca, psychogeographic field recordings:


If you haven't seen it yet, Dan Bell has covered the death of America's shopping malls extensively in his YouTube series, DEAD MALL. Vaporwave soundtrack included.

He does into a lot of backstory about the reasons behind each mall's demise in a lot of the videos.

DEAD MALL Playlist:

Related Reading:


File: 1502291018852.pdf (5.37 MB, Sam_Walton_Sam_Walton_Made….pdf)

Sam Walton essentially laid the foundation for supermarket and shopping mall design. He did a lot of split tests and found ways to manipulate his buyers by placing items at eye level, etc.


We used to drift on long summer nights, and I still do sometimes. It was pretty fun to recognize it in Debord's original:


File: 1508613400790.epub (797.37 KB, Dark Matters_ A Manifesto….epub)

A cool book about walking in the city at night.



Thanks so much!


File: 1510844796232.jpg (10.97 KB, 164x133, luther-blissett-72.jpg)

I know a lot of people under the collective pesudonymous Luther Blisset did a lot of cool stuff in psychogeographycal ambit, such as raves in public transportation that go on until the police comes or wander in the cities at night all coordinated by a pirate radio improvising street parties, fake guerrilla actions, three-sided football matches or "psychic attacks" against structures like the copyright or employment institutes. They also did a lot of cool work outside of psychogeography manipulating mainstream media into hysteria by absolutely nosense fake news and more during the second half of the nineties.
Most important, the photo of the supposed Luther Blisset is very A E S T H E T I C


File: 1543072231385.png (358.28 KB, 520x487, Japanwalks.png)


File: 1543354910545.jpg (89.26 KB, 377x588, citycomeawalkin.jpg)

Thanks a square mile, Alice! I do similar rituals whenever getting into a new city, or coming back to an old urban friend. Half a city across, one night on foot. No maps, no phones. Feels like saying hello to your party.

Pic rel is a decent sf novel i happen to be reading now. Nothing fancy in term of psychogeopgraphy, but the premise is much related.


Really great to see there are others around also interested in this stuff. I actually read that Merlin Coverley book recently, it's a nice little read and taught me some stuff even though I've been interested in psychogeography for a while (e.g. I never connected Defoe's Plague Year with psygeo before). Rebecca Solnit is another interesting author who writes about these broader themes of wandering and getting lost.

My first real experience was when I was quite young, getting hopelessly lost in Venice and deciding "well if I'm going to get lost anyway, I might as well enjoy it in its own right" … walked for hours and days, discovered the beautiful feeling of just drifting through the urban environment. Doing it in my home city was extra special, a rediscovery of something I thought I already knew intimately. Unfortunately I'm currently staying in a very cold city, so my opportunities for night walks are severely reduced. Thanks >>335 and >>719 for the book recommendations, I'm always looking.

Nothing to contribute, really, just wanted to say I'm glad Alice is drifting alongside me.


File: 1550865600695-0.jpg (8.29 KB, 250x396, of_walking_in_ice.jpg)

File: 1550865600695-1.djvu (422.72 KB, of_walking_in_ice.djvu)

Recalled another good account on the subject.


That was great, thank you for sharing!

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