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I'm having a lot of trouble remembering my dreams lately. I keep a dream journal, but I haven't been able to update it because when I'm asleep, it's like everything is more important than waking up. This has caused severe difficulty in all my affairs, from going to class, working, and going to therapy. Anyone else have this problem?


I can relate to this. Also, sometimes, I have dreams that are really bad to the point where I just want to forget, so I don't bother writing them down.


In my experience, every time I go to sleep with a very well defined goal for the next day I have little to no trouble waking up or getting out of bed, but if I'm mostly aimless I have no chance of getting up.


Interesting. I've done this before but wound up sleeping in as usual. I've gotten some improvement from writing down my goals the night before, but I don't always remember to do that. How do you set your goals?

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