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Last night I had a dream that ate tainted food and it caused me to be sick. The taste of the food I was eating was so tangy like vinegar and had an awful texture. The sick clogged my throat and tasted just like sick. These feelings continued after I awoke.

The line between dream and reality is blurring.


A friend of mine who has celiac's once told me about how he dreamed about eating a cookie, and waking up still tasting it. Maybe it's that when you wake up suddenly from deep sleep your brain follows on in some sort of sensorial inertia.


It has often happened to me that I wake up with a sort of pasty mouth, something really awful, but common.
Once I dreamed that someone told me that to clean my mouth I had to chew a fistful of raw ground meat. I would then do it and the taste was so foul that I woke up with that pasty feeling.
Another time I dreamed I was really hungry and there was nothing in miles but a taco stand, so I reluctantly ordered one taco and took the pieces of meat with my fingers and looked at them in disgust. Put one in my mouth and could feel the texture and the taste, and I spit it and decided I wouldn't eat that soykaf.
Funny that my "taste" dreams (at least the ones I can remember) have all been with meat. I'm a vegetarian.


I once had a dream that I amputated my leg. After waking up, the leg still felt numb for a few minutes. I wasn't sleeping weird, or anything.

I've recently getting my dream memories and real memories mixed up. It hasn't happened often, though. I can't really say anything about it quite yet.


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the only thing i can remember having tasted in a dream is my own blood, that iron-y taste.

last night saw a dream about my father, chasing me around while i tried to hide. sneaking through tunnels and ducking behind trees and sheds and walls. lots of scraped knees. woke up before being caught, though. can't remember the last time waking up without a racing heart

too freaky. you're sure no nerves could've been pinched or anything?


I once dreamed I was attacked by a swarm tarantulas while I was paralyzed in my bed. I woke up and my body was stinging terribly and I felt the prickly sensation of their hairy legs crawling all over me for minutes


i lay on my back to meditate and clear my mind before i go to sleep and sometimes when im in between sleep and consciousness i feel my body vibrate extremely fast. this has happened maybe 6 times and its probably the weirdest things ive ever experienced.

another weird thing that happened once: a few months after first doing lsd, i dreamt i took a tab. when i woke up i still had the visual effects for about 15 minutes. it felt as real as when i took acid for real and really messed with my head


>dream memories and real memories

Damn. This is something that's been boiling my noodle on and off; I have places in dreams that when I'm dreaming I swear I'm remembering from previous dreams; like my dreams have a continuity. But the line between these realities (real life and dream space) still feel distinct.


What can really fuck you up is when you think a memory has been a part of reality for a long time, and then you talk to someone or see something that makes you question whether it was a dream. Because i have a terrible memory it happens to me all the time.


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I actually just recently had a dream where someone bought me some ham flavored ice cream. Took a bite and it tasted sour (like sour milk) and pasty. Thats actually what made me realize I was sleeping so I voluntarily woke up.

I have also experienced imaginary drug effects when taking drugs in dreams. Acid was pretty acidy feeling but cocaine in a dream felt more like a tobacco rush, probably because I had no experience of cocaine at the time.

Recently been having problems with reality v. dream memories. I often have the sensation that I had actually experienced a fresh experience once before in a dream. This is not to be confused with deja vu where I can remember the dream itself and is much rarer and profound feeling. Seems more like a glitch.

Astral travelers call this the vibrational phase. Supposedly after that your should be able to exit your body and fly around the astral plane but I have never broken through so who knows.


The worst I've had is a dream where I had been beaten and stabbed in the stomach. Not only did it feel terrifyingly real, but I woke up aching all over


File: 1509222034774.jpg (117.63 KB, 564x810, 99a1f0893b5c412c65e2962450….jpg)

Once I dreamed I was wandering around, then I stumbled upon a musical comedy with a tune I never heard, and lyrics fitting to the tune, in perfect English (which isn't my first language but I'm still pretty decent at it) and related with the trippy context of the dream. I heard two verses then I jumped out of my bed. I never took any kind of drugs if you except tea.

I really freaked out because I don't know anything about music theory and even if I did it would have taken time to make a composition with fitting lyrics on this particular theme. The classic explanation "you heard it somewhere else and you forgot about it" doesn't work because of those lyrics.


File: 1509232007905.jpg (1.63 MB, 900x1500, 47614806_p0.jpg)

I've experienced that before. I only speak one language, but an original score is not nothing. The human subconscious has always fascinated me, and it amazes me just how much the human brain can accomplish on its own sometimes. I think we just have a far more complex understanding of music and rhythm than we consciously realize, and our dream state most certainly smooths the rough edges and fills in the gaps, making it sound far better than it may actually have been, were we to somehow record it


>The line between dream and reality is blurring.
What line, Alice?


I once dreamed that a weird insect attacked me and entered my body above my ribs. When I woke up the pain was still there for like 5 seconds and a weird feeling for like 30 sec.


Music is matematics. If you're good at matematics probably your good at music too, and anyway the brain works a lot during REM fase, considering how realistically it can simulate the real world, it wouldn't suprise me to discover that it can make music as well.

I remember once i was on the stern of a boat listening to the loud sound of the water moved by the motors when suddenly it transformed into a melody like strings. I'm sure it's not something i had listened before cause i was child and didn't use to listen to music and because it lasted like 15 minutes and was a very slippery music (more or less lile Goldberg variations, to explain myself better), almost impossible to remember all.


I once woke up at night and ate a can of tuna because it was all I had (impoverished at the time). I went back to bed and the taste of tuna still was in my mouth. I dreamed that I was horribly ill (I looked like I had the black plague) and I was projectile vomiting. I could taste the combination of tuna and morning breath in my dream.

Glad to share that particularly vile story with you guys.

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