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I dream in both and sometimes it changes, I had a dream where it was in 3rd person and i was seeing a bat getting shot at by wizards and then it landed on a building that was on fire. The bat transformed into an edgy anime character and i suddenly switched to first person as that character. Describe how you dream and tell your stories


File: 1503002932563-0.jpg (18.26 KB, 327x315, watchful.jpg)

my dreams are movie-like. shot from all different angles. ive watched myself in large landscapes from a god's-eye-view, ive seen people talk to me, ive seen myself talk to people, with the classic over-the-shoulder shot. ive seen myself through cctv. ive watched myself on a computer. edgily enough, i've seen myself die. i don't feel it, since it wasn't the "camera" version of me, but the me that was being observed.

does this happen to others? i rarely watch movies or television at all, but i think it's due to that being how i see the world. as an observer, yknow? you learn from observing.
so, i guess my brain made it so that in order to learn about myself, i observe myself.
that's my take on it, anyway.


File: 1503009784624-0.jpg (17.99 KB, 720x330, C6zbsVQWoAE1eNL.jpg)

a majority of my dreams have been in first person, or a mix of the over-the-shoulder shot. I think it's mostly because of my dissociation with my own body in regular life, and the fact that I don't really go out as often as I used to, or take selfies much anymore, so it's hard to imagine myself interacting with others from another's perspective.

dreams feel more real this way, I had a dream last night about kissing someone i know in real life, but i only have the slightest of crush on them. it felt like an external force was pushing myself onto them? i felt the movement and everything.

a slightly interesting thing though, a lot of my memories, especially from childhood i remember from a birds eye view perspective, or just a 3rd person perspective! i wonder how my brain fabricates this kind of stuff, because obviously i wouldn't have known how i'd look in the perspective of another. (sorry for the wordwalls)


Most of the time I dream in 1st person, and few times I dream in 3rd person. More often than the last one I am just a spectator, I'm not in the dream, it's like I'm watching a movie.
Once my dream looked like a cheap hollywood movie and I was just making fun of my own dream as it happened.


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my dreams aren't in any perspective they just freeform.

my visual normality in dreams is all fucked up. almost like expressionist paintings


I don't remember dreaming in 3rd person ever. I always experience dreams the same way I experience real life.

Before stumbling on this thread, I didn't even imagine that dreams can be dreamt differently.


I have never dreamed in anything but first person.

In color though, that has caused problems do me. I remember years ago having a conversation with a friend about dreams being in color or back and white… Still to this day I have no idea if my dreams are in color. I try to make myself remember or tell myself to remember to check before I fall asleep but I can only ever remember that thinks and people look normal, I can never remember if it's color.




this may seem weird, but i usually dream in 2nd person.
as in, i can see myself as a seperate entity than the person i am in the dream, but my dream self is also a (different) individual in the dream.


my recent dreams have been largely third person, with a clear 'me' character whom I follow around but not quite in sync, more like a silent invisible person slightly to my side, sometimes looking back at, or down at what seems to be me. I am not sure how much I control my actions, though, or whether I am just an observer.

when I was younger I also had a lot of slightly removed dreams, including some peculiar 2D dreams, ones that were just, scenery without any plot or action. usually those were in colour, although some with very muted colours, or stylized rendering similar to the work of Maurice Sendak, whose books I read often as a child.

this sometimes, less so now, though mine were more totally abstract, or as described above.


I dream almost always in first person.
Quite often in dreams my sex isn't well defined, with my character switching thriough male and female. This is quite strange, cause irl i'm deadly sure i'm straight and i have a dick, but i don't worry too much about this.
Often in dreams i'm running away from something/someone. I'm partially conscious that i'm dreaming these times and when i'm tired(if running away is pleasant) or frightened (when it is, well, frightening) i can choiche to wake up. In a very little percentage of my dreams they begin as normal ones and then , randomly, everyone begans to die, usually cause something is killing them, and in that moment i know that i have to run.


99% of the time in first person, or in short little bits as though it were a movie, in third person to give a better view of the circumstances I'd currently be in. But the experiences themselves are always in first person.


File: 1509219730754.png (764.83 KB, 1200x843, 41402706_p0.png)

I dream in both, often at the exact same time. I can't really explain it, but it is quite the sensation I can tell you. I've never dreamed in the second person though, which is actually pretty interesting now that I think about it. I've never found myself looking myself in the face. The closest I've ever come is talking to someone else before becoming them


99% in third person, only first person dream I remember was a recurring nightmare of throwing myself down the stairs when I was like 8. I thought most people dreamed in third person.

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