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Old/new mixes, best chems?


Just getting into nootropics, currently using the following each morning:

200mg modafinil (100 more at lunch if I want to focus into the night)
200mg l-theanine
500mg choline bitartrate

The bottom two are really just to regulate some side effects of the modafinil. Without the l-theanine, the stuff ups my anxiety to 11, and without the choline my short-term memory suffers if I've been dosing moda more than a couple days in a row.

I'm considering replacing the modafinil with microdoses of 1P-LSD, but during the one trial I attempted, the l-theanine wasn't enough to offset the extra anxiety. I'm looking into other calming agents right now to see if there's one that takes the edge off without reducing the enhancements to focus or creativity.

What about you, OP? What are your go-tos?


I've been taking the only pira/citochol mix I can find with maybe 50mg of moda if I feel like buzzing for 12 hours. Up to 300mg of moda sounds insane to me, are you just able to power through it or am I super sensitive?

I'm toying with the idea of microdosing LSD but that's a whole effort to get btc and find a trustworthy darkmarket.


Used to shoot oxymorphone and methylphenidate in the same rig

now I like irish coffees



I think you're normal, I just have a stupid amount of natural tolerance. I can't feel any difference below 150.


Sounds like a wild ride, but hardly a nootropic one.


no it definitely improved my function.

the oxy kept down my stresses and the methylphenidate drastically improved my brain function.

it's literally the most perfect speedball you can get. feels very pleasant but it's extremely habit forming. it's hard for me to think without some sort of stimulant/downer in my system at this point. I fucked it up for myself by using opiods I.V.

the irish coffee fits the same niche really the stimulation is kept low and the depression is kept low but the positive effects from both classes of drug are very salient



I actually have a very similar stack, but use GHB instead of oxy. Using GHB instead of an opioid still provides stress management and some euphoria, while allowing the methylphenidate to do its job relatively unhindered in terms of memory and cognition.


sugar, caffeine, and sleep deprivation


You're probably lowering your mental ability with a stack like that alice, sleep is essential to quality cognition no matter what drugs you're putting in your system.


I am a fan of Noopept, Adrafinil, and Pramiracetam. I couldn't find moda easily, but adrafinil is great and I would recommend. I have noticed tolerance building over time with this, so I have limited myself to a few per week.

My general purpose stack:
350-400mg L-Theanine (I empty a little from a 500mg capsule to make room for the rest)
15-25 mg Noopept (hard to eyeball)
50-100 mg Adrafinil (depends on how much energy I need)
200-300 mg Pramiracetam (depends on how much focus I need)
Taken with strong coffee or 200mg caffeine capsule

Also, 3 x 150 mg Wellbutrin throughout the day for depression, overall low energy, lower back pain, and smoking cessation. This is actually a silver bullet for my main physiological ailments - I was extremely lucky to get prescribed this a few months ago. Interacts STRONGLY with caffeine, alcohol, nootropics, and pretty much anything because it's amplifying my Adrenaline and Dopamine responsiveness. I have learned after losing 20 pounds and dancing with some heart palpitations that this is not to be taken lightly or abused - this soykaf is strong.

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