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How often do you daydream and what do you daydream about? I daydream on a constant basis when I'm in class and i usual daydream about kung fu fighting people, or flying or being a protagonist in a story. It's fun to get lost in your own thoughts.


I day dream of prosthetic design.


I daydream a LOT, as in A LOT.
most of the time it's about alternate history, either of the world( what would the world be like today if the vandals hadn't sacked Rome or if the Deccan Sultanates hadn't ganged up on Bisnegar, how WW1 would have been if the internet had been around a century previously, etc) or of my life in particular( what I'd be doing now if I hadn't broken up with my first gf or had learnt the drums instead of the flute, etc)


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Would you consider getting lost in psychotic thoughts a form of daydreaming? You're kind of disengaged from reality while your mind is completely overwhelmed by paranoid theorization.


Usually I daydream about conversations that might play out between me and some other people that I know. They're really normal situations, so sometimes I end up believing they actually happened (because, you know, fake memories and all).

Other times I put myself into some whole new world or dream up something totally unrealistic and let that play out. I make worlds and do things. Sometimes I'll turn myself into a whole new person. There might even be ten different versions of "myself"—those aren't "me" really, but I just "play" as them.

Every now and then, when I get swallowed into a fandom, I'll start daydreaming about the characters there.


Often daydream about how I would handle worst case scenarios. As well as following Ideas down the rabbit hole.


Generally I daydream about my life, past (how I'd change events in the realm of possibility) or future (how I'd like my life to progress). I daydream mostly when I go on long walks, since I go out only at night there's noone to talk to.


I mostly daydream unrelated stories. Basically I create a consistent experience of visuals, emotion, mood, pace, events etc to music I'm listening to, but only when listening to music in bed or a long distance bus. I cannot stop this from happening most of the time, but I don't want to either.

Sometimes I daydream fucking people up if they make me angry. I sometimes daydream of things I'd wanna do, but it feels cringy.


I daydream nearly constantly but don't remember my actual dreams. Most of it is about different places or settings I come up with/ read about


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That's exactly what I do. Walking at night, there's no distractions, and you can even talk out loud to yourself because there's no one around to here you. Very therapeutic for me, quite honestly


I don't talk to myself but I gesticulate alot.


File: 1522804889111.gif (977.94 KB, 640x475, 1506127267578.gif)

I used to daydream all the time, but now I don't.
I generally can't be bothered thinking about anything at all. It's as if the only thing I'm ever thinking about is what is visually right in front of me, and even then my mind is silent.

Anyone else experience this?


File: 1522950684655.jpg (51.59 KB, 976x712, Matrix_Government_Lobby_Sh….jpg)

I normally daydream about having powers, like in Dragon Ball Z or being like Neo in that lobby scene and killing a lot of politicians and the President of my fucked up country.


Where I live, walking around at night and talking to yourself is a great way to have a friendly police officer have a friendly chat about whether you ought to visit a friendly psychiatric ward.


I daydream whenever my mind would otherwise be idle. It can be inconvenient because my daydreams can make me very emotional. I usually use podcasts and audiobooks to keep myself from daydreaming.

I do sometimes indulge in nighttime walks to daydream like others in this thread.

My daydreams usually start mundane running through the day to come or the previous day but after a bit they diverge. Often it is cringey stuff like dreaming I am some kind of genius or whatever. Once I dreampt that I could just walk off into the sky just like any other walking. It was bizarre because there was no awe or novelty. I just walked off into the clouds like I was climbing the staircase at home.


I daydream that I am invisible/immaterial, so that I cannot be perceived as I am strolling around town. When there are too many people around i like to imagine i wield a scythe-like weapon that cuts through the crowd as if it was butter. I hate having to snap out of it, and social interaction after an interrupted daydream causes me great anxiety.

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