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Kalyx ######

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Do you dip, Alice? Use smokeless tobacco? Got a lip full of dip while reading this? Got an ex who dipped, and now you're disgusted by the practice? (Hey, me too, for a little while!) Tried it once in high school, got really sick, and never did it again? (Hint: You're supposed to spit!) Got a favorite brand/blend you want to share? Whatever your experiences with dipping tobacco are, or just smokeless tobacco in general, this is the thread to share them.

I started with Skoal long-cut Apple (in fact, I've only ever used long-cut dips) after I had to ask an ex of mine to refrain from smoking around me for a little while while I was recovering from a cold and asthma issues. They responded by switching to dipping tobacco (I had no clue what it even was at the time), and offered me some. The first lip of dip I ever packed, I nearly kicked a friend of mine in the head out of pure joy. I mean, I was literally jumping around and soykaf. The headrush was intense, unlike anything I'd ever felt.

A note to any beginners looking to try it out: Don't start with Grizzly or Copenhagen. Start out with something like Skoal, as it has less nicotine and you'll need to work your way up. And, if you don't know how to use dipping tobacco altogether, look it up on WikiHow. Get something long-cut.

And, yeah, smokeless tobacco general. I don't have much experience with any smokeless tobacco products outside of dip, myself.


File: 1509814765764.jpg (887.26 KB, 1168x1732, 1503440933574.jpg)

I consider myself the easily-addicted type, so I'll be doing by best to steer clear


Congrats, Alice. Dipping tobacco is indeed highly-addictive and just as carcinogenic as cigarettes, if not moreso.

I don't know why you felt particularly compelled to post that in this thread, but yeah. Congrats.


Just making conversation. Don't mind me.


There's a bunch of evidence out there that swedish snus does not cause cancer.


Then link this empirical evidence supporting your claim.

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