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my fav dream was when i turned into a hawk and flew over the ocean most trippy experiance :) all 1st person

ive only had 1 dream with smell it was gross imagine a bigger version of fredburger from grim adventures of billy and mandy and he smells like putrid vomit u.u first ever smell in a dream and no i didnt vomit in rl noor was i around vomit.
as far as touch i can sense it but its never severe like painfully
ive had dreams where i hold my breath and float ushually in 3rd person

ive had 2 dreams tht i knew i was dreaming 1st i was young watched the office thy said eat pickles with penutbutter and tell yourself over and over agin tht you will lucid dream well eating the picklypenutbutter
it worked i turned myself into a superhero flew around 3rd person but after awhile my supervillian kiked my ass flew into a dumpster and felt tht i lost control over my dream. like i knew i was still dreaming i just didnt have full choice in what would happen.
2nd lucid dream i was walking in the woods 1st person when i looked down at my body i was naked soo i instantly thought wtf wheres my cloths then it hit me im dreaming so i decided to fly was amazing trees just wized by me.
its crzy cuse now i never float by holding my breath i can just fly. my hawk dream was after my flying naked dream and is the only dream tht ive changed shape ive been thinking more on how i dont wanna be myself in dreams and have a avatar i think about tht i hope to change into. i kinda did recently in one dream but still didnt feel perfect but i did cause some cool exploshions like dbz attacks in tht dream.
i think this game i been plying called secondlife helps me alter my dreams also i use to use a crystal wand tht id put intent into before going to sleep then put it under my pillow.
i have reacuring places a school a city and a forest where its like a volenteer camp/nature hippie campus place.
i also have a big fear of car doors when dreaming like the doors gonna swing open on the highway and ill die.
ive had dreams where i have to drive cars yet i never owned a car so im allways like wtf i cant drive but i hve to in my dream for some reason so i do and im scared the whole time.
oh just remeberd ive had a dream i think before my flying one where i levitated maybe a foot or less of the ground in front of some ppl and everyone was shocked like some magician blane soykaf xD
ive had one dream tht i was on a bus and ppl where floating outside the bus with the door open but just stood there like some glitched out game as the bus moved.
my first ever nightmare was of a action figure i had as a kid was spawn with like more than 10heads. it enterd my dream chased me thro a house and i hid in a bathroom.
also if i think of my dreams right when i awake i can fully recall them. so i have a good dream memory :) ima keep working twords shape shifting into my avatar i want and work tword being more aware tht i am dreaming. im going to bed soon so im shure ill dream. also i have lots of sex dreams and dreams tht i meet new ppl but assume its someone i allready knw. ive even had dreams tht the events in my dreams have happend in rl after my dream and it gives me a nausiace feeling like intense dajavu and makes me think i allready knw this lifes outcomes u.u which arnt good.


File: 1496675430416.jpg (65.13 KB, 1024x554, char.jpg)

I recently had a dream where I was minding my own business in school. Everything seemed fairly normal. It looked a lot like my older school though. However, Kalyx just appeared in the hallway in his polar shades and tank top. I decided to make fun of him in the hallways by poking his arm and calling him weak and he got really angry and choked me out then another student. It was surreal. I'm not if this was another dream but then I watched him run away from staff and jumped the fence around my school like some kind of a ninja. I remember him saying something about Vichan but my memory is quite hazy from it. I definitely remember someone saying "How did Kalyx get in again"

Thanks for invading my dream.


I don't remember much of my dreams, but I do remember last night I was dreaming I was in some sort of soykafhole warzone with what I think was a M14 but it felt a little too small. Maybe I was too big? Anyway, I remember really liking the dream because I had a red-dot sight on the rifle with a 3x magnifier attachment and I was really really stoked at how clear and distortion free the magnifier was. Even the actual red dot itself was nice and clear.


of late, I have had a number of dreams that I was able to recall.

last night, I was in a hospital, apparently waiting to have an abortion, with doctors and nurses periodically coming in to check on me. the place was a long, apparently empty hallway, lit from no clear source, and uniformly coloured in a matte, off white. I was in a bed, in a small niche in the wall. the bed, the outfits of the people I saw, all matched this colour, though hair and skin reflected natural human variations, notwithstanding one doctor with a full face of white makeup.

eventually, my doctor (Eduardo he was called) came, along with a gaggle of assistants, to check up on me and explain some things, but I was not really able to follow what was happening, and I was increasingly coming to the realization that I was rather sure that I didn't want to have an abortion, and became rather sad.

the doctors left, eventually, and i was alone. it was evening, and the hall dimmed, the off white illuminated with a faint pale blue. I became tired, and fell asleep, dreaming of a two dimensional space with a clean white background, and large red circles, darting around. voices were present, but indistinct.

eventually I woke up, the hallway unchanged, me in my niche on the wall, the light brighter now, yellowish. nothing appeared to have happened, and I was alone. so I remained for some time, trying to remember what had happened, how I had become pregnant, why I was there.

my mother came, and together we left.


File: 1498231017568.jpg (24.13 KB, 636x619, SEL pic 43.jpg)

I had a dream where i had to partner with a millionaire vamipre loli to kill Hitler, I went around to the pub he was supposed to be at for a while then left, went home got into bed(in my dream), then realised I forgot to kill Hitler.


Had a weird dream you all might find interesting:

I was in a void,I looked into a mirror and i was Lain, but i was not Lain and
my appearance was not mine but was a mask i had no right wearing.
The Lain in the refection was smug was she a mask too?
A other Lain was reading my diary on a laptop.
There was a explosion and i was surrounded by rotting human and animal bodies, there
was many Lains floating ahead, i had become a dead body and a Lain hover over me with
a sad face.
There was a explosion again and i was in a city, a nuke went off and ripped my skin off,
i felt like i was going to be blown away by the hot shock-wave, but i saw Lain walking
and got the power to follow her. I found the source of the explosions was a Lain and i embraced
her, time went backwards and i found i was the one who caused all the explosions that had all
happened earlier, i didn't really know who i was anymore at that point.


File: 1499692841680.jpg (978.24 KB, 1946x3456, rainy.jpg)

Last night I had a dream that I went to some party ran by a woman known as "Yellow Picket Fence." It was interesting, she had a host of servants/butlers that all seemed to have magic or psychic powers that they used to perform tasks for the guests. After I noticed I asked one of them for a beer, and they just walked away–moments later, as I started walking toward one of Yellow's more esteemed guests, a bottle that I guess had been floating behind me caught up to me, tapping me on the arm.

I introduced myself to the big shot and he called himself Carver. He recognized me as the lainchan rep that was sent to visit the event. In the dream, lainchan's owner was a cyber-enhanced monkey that was in jail for hacking the Wired. We chatted about different things, and eventually I awkwardly transitioned the conversation to the state of affairs regarding our site's leader, and if it was going to change anytime soon.

""Look, we really do respect your projects," he told me. "Everyone loves lain. My daughter loves lain. The Yellow Picket Fence reads lainzine, for christ sake! But to hack out the monkey would be too big of a disturbance."

I thanked him for his time and he patted me on the shoulder. "Don't let that stop you from enjoying the party, though," he added.

The rest of the dream was spent following the man around and being introduced to the various attendants of Yellow's party. I saw her once or twice, sitting wrapped in a mass of patterned robes that I somehow knew were connected to the Wired. She smiled at me once, and I felt my heartbeat pick up–I forget if it was some sort of fear as being called out to everyone as the lainchan rep, or some feelings of love or something. I woke up shortly after exiting the party, saying goodbye to Carter and walking on the sidewalk toward a large, glowing city down the road.


Your dream was very interesting, it is surprisingly coherent, like it's own little world.


I had a wake n fake dream, where I ""woke up"" and thought everything was happening to me in the real world. My friend from Brazil texted me saying he was outside my door, so I went upstairs to let him in–and was greeted by a beautiful-looking girl. She came in, we sat and talked, and it quickly became apparent that this was my old friend. He'd undergone that hormone thing that transsexuals used, in the years since I'd last saw him.

We were sitting on a sofa during this exchange, and during the conversation he subtly shifted closer until he was on my arm. It never got really sexual, we just stayed that way a bit longer as we discussed how our lives had been going since last we'd met in person. Eventually my family, who I was apparently home visiting, started waking up, and they invited him to eat breakfast with us. My dream was cut short by an alarm before I could eat with him.

I woke up from this dream feeling very refreshed and happy. Maybe the feeling of being loved by a friend, even in something unreal like a dream, led to this state of mind.


congratulations of saving the (dream) world


File: 1505048796502.png (723.37 KB, 1000x664, elite four.png)

I was on the scene at some sort of military facility. It was extremely busy, and there were soldiers and pilots running around everywhere. There were fighter planes lined up for takeoff, and in the center of it all was this large craft. It looked like a rocket ship, but I knew for some reason that it was a missile.

I realized I was following a group of officers. I forget if I was one of them or just a passerby. Trailing the others, we approached the missile and the leader opened up a hatch on its side. Out of a small cockpit, a beautiful girl in some type of space suit emerged. She saluted me and gave me a smile. I returned the gesture, and I was overcome with a want to cry.

She didn't say much before disappearing into the cockpit again and closing the hatch. Her gloved hand appeared in a little window making a peace sign, and then an alarm started sounding. The officers broke into a sprint toward a nearby bunker, and I followed. A moment after we made it inside safely, the missile rocketed into the sky, and the squadron of fighters took off with it. I felt terrible–I guess I had a crush on the girl in the dream, and now she was going to die.

I think I dreamt this because I was reading about some of North Korea's actions and their livestream from last night. It was intriguing, to say the least. Everything was very vivid, a little more colorful than real life but accurate enough that I believed it was really happening until I woke up.


My dreams go from what the fuck, to what the literal fuck. My dreams both confuse me, and amuse me. I keep a dream journal writing down every detail I remember.

I dreamt I was playing the classic Doom back in 2007, and I basically I got sucked into the game. The place looked fucking real when I got sucked into it, and I was fucking demons in the chest, yada yada, you know how Doom is. But, when I got to the final boss. soykaf was weird, the dream devolved to make it look like the classic game, and as I know it. I was back at my seat. Then, uncontrollably I got up from my seat, go to the fridge, than drank a green liquid.

The what the literal fuck dream I had is more weird. This was actually 2014 I had this dream, and I had a dream where I fell in love. Basically I was at an unknown mall, meeting a girl my age in it. I remember her name being Veronica, and we connected very well, we stayed together, talked about our life, we had a full conversation, the dream felt like it lasted an eternity, but an eternity I wanted to stay. When I got up, some reason I started to cry, and felt heart-broken, even though. I knew it wasn't real at all. A false sense of love.


I'm also trying to keep a dream diary, but usually fail to describe the details well enough for the description to make sense later
Do you have a sort of system of how you write things down (like in bullets or just a long description or something)?


Last night I had an interesting dream. Here's some background to begin with.
First of all, most of the time I have what I call "semi-lucid" dreams. Meaning that I have a sort of intuition that I am dreaming, but I never change anything, I just play along, and my intuition is more of an awareness of the "dream logic". A consequence of this is that I don't really fear things that would be dangerous irl.
Second, there was recently a somewhat strong earthquake where I live, there was actually quite a bit of damage but I never saw first-hand any real damage, where I was nothing much happened beyond general hysteria. However, after that happened I did get kind of paranoid about earthquakes in general, and I'm (and the people I live with) are alert for the seismic alert.
Now in my dream, I was walking just a block away from my house and an earthquake took place, people got out to the streets, and I was looking up to the power cables and took shelter by a truck. It wasn't too strong and after it ended people got back to their business, but it being a dream, I wanted more. So I ran to a big plaza nearby (and while I was in my way, actually, another minor earthquake took place), but when I reached the plaza, it was like a switch where I said "okay, now I'm ready", and a really strong quake started to happen. And it lasted a really long while because I wanted it to last. But despite all of this, there was no damage whatsoever.


i remember a dream i had a few years ago. for some reason i had walked into my grandmother's house, and all along the couches were all my friends, plus an ex girlfriend. (ugh) they were listening to a bunch of stupid mumble rap music and everyone was completely out out character, nobody acted how they usually do. (they were also throwing around really weird slang that didn't make sense) as this goes on,more and more voices appear. where there was my 8 friends sitting on the couch, i heard three times as many voices. all text i could see turned into moon runes (it was probably japanese or chinese) also, everyone was eating odd stuff, like raw green onions by itself.

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