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He who finds himself unable to do things and learns how to find peace in non-doing is worshiped as achieving some superior state of being. My version of enlightenment is keep doing, keep creating, keep getting surprised, push all possible boundaries, forever.


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If we're both going to die, what benefit is there to expend resources? Did you try looking for contempt in inaction? It might… surprise you. Nevertheless I'd like to know more about your way of thinking.


i think that inaction is just as valid as action. as >>431 said, there really is no point inherent to life on its own, since we are all mortal, but life can have meaning depending on what you decide to do with it. since it's your choice, deciding to do nothing is just as valid.

i tend to agree with you in the way we do things in part, like getting surprised and pushing boundaries, but i don't really see how "He who finds himself unable to do things and learns how to find peace in non-doing" is worshiped as achieving "some superior state of being" outside of edgy 12 year olds who just want to rebel.


The point of this post seems to be to express discontent over how a majority of people presumably chooses to define the word "enlightenment". But without any context I don't see how this is important or why should you care.


Then create somthing that is imortal. Let your children inherite your triumphs and aspirations to always persue throughout the generations.


There's also the upcoming heat death. not that anything resembling humans will make it that far.


>He who finds himself unable to do things and learns how to find peace in non-doing is worshiped as achieving some superior state of being
He who perseveres through his immense failures and continues to push towards his goals is also worshiped as achieving some superior state of being.

I think the heart of what you noticed people worshiping is the acceptance of the reality of one's situation, which may lead to some people becoming (or even worshiping) inactive.
However, our culture worships determination, creativity, et c. just as much.
I'm not trying to hate on your view; i'm just trying to put it into perspective.


there really is nothing that can last forever. eventually everything will degrade. the sun will die and destroy the solar system in a couple billion years, and the entire universe is in motion, thus one day it must cease to be.
>Let your children inherite your triumphs and aspirations to always persue throughout the generations

i still intend on passing something down the family line for my offspring to remember me by. maybe it won't last forever, but after i die i'd like to live on in the memory of others for as long as possible.


Well, you will fail if the goal isn't clear
there's nothing wrong in the path you describe, it's called karma(action) yoga, however your actions will encumber rather than enlighten if you are attached to the fruits of action
you are entitled to the work, the fruits must be surrendered over to The Self (however that gonna manifest itself 4u) or else you will suffer. You will be made to suffer the results of even good actions, that's why people self-extinguish, because there's trouble even in heaven where you're enjoying the results of good deeds.
actually Thought is the highest action, Jesus taught this to the two sisters. it appears as inactive because you don't have the eyes to see it, you lable the thinkers with sloth, both are inactive. but activity can empower sloth or wisdom.
anyway you think to do is best, i think it is better to Be and then choose to do as you like, otherwise you just labor like dogs hogs camels and asses and you don't come up to the platform of human being.

>the sun gonna die out and the universe muh entropy
the universe will expand for a while and then it will contract again when she feels like rewriting the laws of physics. u think u have to save it with technology but nature is perfectly fine on her own. how many billions of universes have come and gone, and we think we're the saviors that's rich.


> we think we're the saviors that's rich.
you misunderstand what i was saying.
(re)read the whole context, and if you still can't figure out what point i was making, feel free to ask, and i'll explain it to you.


File: 1550499327025.jpg (20.88 KB, 300x300, 6513937.jpg)

Very nice post. Can you explain what do you mean by "The Self" when you said "the fruits must be surrendered over to The Self". Also what do you mean by "the platform of human being.


i got what you mean, i was just embellishing/shotgunning at the end there

if only it were so easy to point and say 'this' is the Self… but it is not in the category of 'known' or 'unknown'. it is well beyond any semantic map, it is Reality. try to look for your own field of awareness, what are you aware of? and Who is aware? that who is aware (of the changes and modifications of the mind, but is no a product of mind) is the shakshi or witness. Now, what awareness does the witness take place in, and you will have some idea of what is The Self. To surrender the fruits to The Self means losing your self-identification of a limited being with little desires in your work. Become so absorbed in whatever you do that you forget yourself in it, without hankering or lamnenting.


>the platform of human being
most actions in the world are performed to gratify the belly and genitals. any animal works the same way. a human being is in the unique position to contemplate the infinte, and to honor the ancestors. if you're not doing those things, have you stepped up to the plate?


File: 1550625437658.png (17.09 KB, 314x222, fa.png)

Thanks for the clarification. I think along the same lines as you do. I've recently come to believe that the only thing to do is what you call "to surrender the fruits to The Self".

The word "human" in "the platform of human being" confused me a little because the more you contemplate the infinite the less human everything becomes. But now I understand you mean it in the sense of the humans having a platform to "go" beyond themselves (in quotes because there's nothing going anywhere).

I'm glad to read about someone taking this path.

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