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We encounter other people (projections) in our dreams almost every night, but never for even a moment do we stop to consider if they were actually conscious. We immediately dismiss everything we experienced as being "just a dream," but what is to say that you couldn't just as easily wake up from the dream in which you're reading this equally ready to dismiss the consciousness of everyone you've ever known or loved here? Please bear in mind I am not a solipsist (at least I'm not trying to be), but I've never understood how the divergence of attitudes towards others' consciousness is completely consistent either.


i think dream people are conscious in a sense. they seem to be semi-autonomous anyway. i don't think there's anything solipsistic about that, it would just imply that we are all semi-autonomous agents in a larger consciousness (or could be understood as such).


When you dream, you make these people up or copy them from life, or a combination of both, they are not you. They are distinct beings, and there is no reason for dreams to be nothing but purely looking in the mirror. They are themselves, you think of them and you understand them to a certain degree, you perceive them to be something. They are autonomous, but there is no reason to ascribe them active consciousness. You put your consciousness into different identities and get what seems like foreign consciousness, to some degree.
It is you, making weird faces in the mirror.
At least, that's what I think.


I have a co-consciousness of sorts living in my body with me and sometimes we meet in my dreams. Usually we recognize each other but sometimes he's no aware of who I am.

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