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Kalyx ######

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Where are the kids buying drugs these days, Alice?

I originally used Silk Road and then for a while I was using Agora, but after it fell I just kind of checked out. Have the new markets matured at all?

I don't know who to trust.


Illegal activity will be reported to the mods


>Illegal activity will be reported to the mods
Where do you think you are?


There is a new site in the works that will mostly be using monero. Keep an eye out.


I can assure everyone, the mods don't give a flying soykaf.


Please don't, if you do, mods will snatch all the good deals


I heard the mods of this place have a nice little thing running. apparently there's some girl who goes by seraphine or something and she's like really good at this drug lord thing. probably can get you anything, pills, ketamine, heroin, just call her and she'll be there in a minute.

dont take my word for it though, I just heard it from someone else.


It's actually a him, and his name is Seraph after the chinese guy in white in The Matrix. One of those Taiwanese ladyboys I think. An absolute weirdo, but he's so fast in service he literally has to be travelling with a portal gun. If he's not able to serve you, one of his henchwomen (homeless chinese girls he saves from orphanages or the streets) will serve you. If you like them, they're also willing to stay for some fun, if you've got the money. Mostly 2 player old school console games, nothing lewd.


fuck off nerd you're trying too hard.
it's her and i know it for a fact.


This site is supposed to censor that to freaking "fuarrk" I find it hard to believe they don't care if their site is used for something that can get the place shut down


I think 'soykaf' is the only word filter here.


Is it possible to find genuine Nembutal on any of these marketplaces?


Didn't you find anything on Grams Search?


faggot filters to glitterboi.


what do you think seph stands for ?


File: 1550008477183.jpg (141.37 KB, 500x538, 1524939393875.jpg)

is tails enough to go about the wired untraced?


No. Nothing is. At best, one gets many tools, and if one knows how to use them its possible to approach, but doubtless never to reach, that ideal.

Tails is a collection of such tools, arranged such that people without too much technical knowledge can hopefully use them reasonably well.

It can be useful. But its not a complete solution.


no, u also need to not post your personal information online.


If you want to order things, the #1 important thing is having a mailbox without your name and being able to do anonymous payments. Do you have that set up already? No one cares about Tails or Tor. From my experience, which is more than i'd like to admit, it is always customs or vendors keeping records that fuck soykaf up. No one ever traces IPs or fingerprints your browser unless you're Ross Ulbricht himself. YMMV.

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