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I've died quite a lot in my dreams. Sometimes I die, my consciousness and physical feeling fading away with me, and other times I just see my body lying someplace.

While most people wake up right before death, I often wake up after my dream-death. I'm not afraid of dying, and I think a lot of it's thanks to having "experience" with it….?

What is Alice's experience with dream-death?


its very rare that I die, or that I knowingly die in dreams. I have experienced violent situations in which it is very reasonable that I died, or would have died had I this experience in my waking life, but I tend to not be too bothered. I also do not think I have died, and only in reflection does it seem I ought to have


I have experienced exactly the same as you OP.

I would also like further explanation in this.


Explanation in what? Why this occurs? What it might mean?


Yes, all the above.


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Found a site that explains a bit about dream-death, both of one's own death and of other people's death. Apparently, when you die in a dream, it supposedly symbolizes that you are going through a major change in your life; some part of you as "died," and there is a new beginning. (in b4 close this world, open the next)

Of course, that's only if you believe in dream interpretations. I still have a hard time grasping at the reality of dream interpretations. The interpretations seem too general, and can apply to anyone…. Dream-reading feels like cold reading to me.

Pic related, here's the link:


For me, when I was a kid I was terrified by my dreams. I would have bad dreams alot of the time, many of being eaten by sharks(I was bullied pretty bad at the time) and others of chaos and disater. The unstableness and scary nature of my dreams and how in dreams, thinking of things would make them happen (usually your fears) lead me to become terrified of them. It lead me to start killing myself in them as as soon as I could when I found out it was a dream, as it was the quickest was to end one. For a while I did this, and I still remember purposely falling down stairs, jumping off buildings and falling into lava just to stop dreaming. Sometimes my first attempt wouldnt work and I would have to try again and doing so until I woke up, though it didn't take many tries to do so.

I remember one dream being in a burning building on a concrete staircase like the ones in carparks. I was trying to end the dream by falling down stairs, but that was not working. So I eventually left it and found myself on a bed sinking in some lava, so I jumped and felt heat then numbness, and then my dream ended.

I wasn't suicidal as a kid, dreams just did it for me. Looking back, I find it to be pretty fucked that I did that, though I've turned out pretty ok so I guess its fine. I feel the experience has left me to become a bit fearless, though I still have a strong sense of self preservation. Similarly, I dont fear death, but I definetly do not want to die. My dreams since I stop ages ago now are just a bit chaotic, but still have a bit of sense to them and are very rarely nightmares. Recently I've even manage to stop myself from ruining a dream from semi lucidness by just realising that doesn't have to happen and my dream continued on as normal.


I don't recall ever dying in my dreams. However, something as simple as bumping my shin getting off a subway or stepping off the stairs awkwardly is often enough to jolt me awake, so it'd be a freak occurrence for something fatal to occur before then.


Were your dreams recurring dreams, or was the only "recurring" part about them the suicide part that would let you get out?

(Your past reminds me of a game I once played called Blank Dream, in which you go into your past memories and have to kill yourself in order to escape.)


The dreams I had weren't recurring, except those about sharks but that was due to the aforementioned bullying (seems that sharks usually represent this), it was just that I would intentionally end the dreams. Dreaming for me has always been with a tad bit of lucidity, just never enough to be fully lucid, but enough to know that I was dreaming, just not fully aware of it. So yeah, the recurring part was me becoming aware of the dream then attempting to end the dream via suicide.


Since leaving the paramilitary I haven't dreamed in a long time, recently they started to come back and I always die.

I die because I do horrible things in the dreams, things I never did but it seems like I would have. My dreams have become very hard to cope with. But like you when I die in a dream, I don't wake up. I seem to sit there as a kinda of punishment.

I have never feared death, but I kinda welcome it now.

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