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When I go for more than about half an hour without significant and productive mental effort or non-mundane information intake my emotions start fluctuating and I crave mental stimulation. As I learn more and more its increasingly difficult to find information that I can get rapidly enough to satisfy this. I have tried getting my fix through focusing my thought on high speed maths and logic problems, but this is like the synthetic knock off sold in Chinese back alley off licenses that has been watered down to squeeze more money out of the sorry fucks who can't get their hands on the real thing.

As the night goes on I start to get serious anxiety. My actions get violent and sporadic, I start doing myself physical damage to stimulate myself and keep myself focused on reality. At this point I no longer have the focus to even seek out information, all I can do is flail, gesticulate, and slur. I've taken to locking myself in my room when I start feeling deprived, because it makes me want to be in the open air, but I know if I'm in public in this state I'm going to do some serious damage to myself and others.

Does anyone else have experience with this or something similar? Do you have advice? Stories? Lament? Maybe you just want to offer your camaraderie plz ;–; ? Any even vaguely relevant replies are welcome.


I've been thinking about this, and I think I have an answer: information that gives me a more profound understanding of a system. Things like physics, neuroscience and CS. That's not to say I don't enjoy learning about history philosophy or art, but it would be like eating bread to satisfy a crack addiction. Its not the same thing.

>Do you come up with ideas/theories yourself? Do you make any kind of art, or fiction?

Nothing worth sharing. Most theories or interesting ideas I have happen before I fall asleep so I don't remember them. I have no excuse for not writing them down, I'm just terrible.


What's your problem? This is clearly bait since not only are you missing the point but you are making up your own points from implications that dont exist, and usually I would ignore that: but this is a mental health support thread. You are shaming someone who is clearly unstable for things that they never said.

You also call them a terrible lainon, making me wonder if you're only here because you where derezzed from the affiliate site tsukichan meaning you could literally be from anywhere.


Don't ignore the point >>72 was making. You're going on a weird metaphysical tangent about how 'everythings relative dude, what if matrix lmao' when OP is trying to communicate the fact that they are satisifed by some kinds of information and not others.


i am very smart :)


That sounds pretty severe, you should probably seek out some sort of professional help. I've never heard of such a thing happening, but my gut says that it's probably more symptomatic of an underlying problem than a self-contained problem itself. What feeling does satisfying information give you? I'm curious if it's genuinely positive, or closer to being able to breathe again

No rudeposting pls


You have to start building up discipline. Make your bed the moment you wake up. Clean your room. Brush your teeth early. Eventually you might be able to start resisting the addiction, im fighting it as well.


What is your diet, what do you usually eat? Even the blandest foods today are loaded with sugar whose overdose causes chemical imbalance in the brain which in severe cases, like yours, self harm.

The only way to beat an addiction is with another addiction. You have to become addicted to something else.

All addictions are formed through habits, your learning addiction was reinforced through positive learning experiences, ie. getting rewarded after acing a test.


I found that the "high" one gets from information has little to do with the actual content of it and has more to do with the medium it's presented in and that medium is the speed it's presented in.

I found you can get the info "high" even from static tv screens .


I feel like I've had a not-all-that-different situation. Things I do to help with this:

- cut sugar / caffeine, lower B-vitamin intake, keep hydrated. eating protein helps a surprising amount too
- always have a few tabs up on the phone queued up to read if you're getting antsy, but make an active effort to push your comfort. It's honestly like breaking an addiction and won't happen quickly
- just-interesting-enough audio/videos on low volume with the monitor off to fall asleep, that I can just start from the last place I remember the night before (currently going through Counter Monkey, because there's enough complexity in the D&D systems to satisfy me)
– If it's not working rotate with low-light reading (light novels if I'm up for it, textbooks if I need them - get the cheap India editions, they just reorder the chapter questions and rename the example people).
– Don't turn on your screen if you can help it, but keep everything dark-themed just in case.

However, I admittedly never got to the extent your second paragraph sounds like (just to a light hallucinations all day from lack of sleep until I figured out #3, and a bit of madness - and similarly light-harm-for-stimulation - just from being alone in the dark for hours every night until my living/financial situation allowed me to sleep with a laptop). Depending on your definition of 'as the night goes on' I might recommend looking into a sleep specialist - getting knocked the fuck out is frankly more pleasant IMO.


I used to experience something similar, and now have my own antidepressant-like method of preventing 'cravings'. Two to three times a day, I'll sit and binge-read info-graphics until I've read so many that the information starts becoming meaningless. It's like I'm purposely mentally exhausting myself, almost.


shtart shmoking shigarettes


Have you tried chess?


Is there a place you know to get infographics?

I've been making a stash but its too small so far.

I used to like memorizing information as a child. Since I didn't have Internet growing up I would read high-school biology and chemistry books or whatever I could get my hands on. I would memorize all the jargon.

Now I have a stash of random PDF's I've collected over the years, so when I get a craving I crack one open.

What you're describing sounds fucked up though. Perhaps you should seek a therapist. Just a thought


i'd recommend to start reading some hard to understand pieces - like research papers, math theory(e.g. reed-solomon codes, general relativity…)



I have the same thing, the worst is when i'm trying to sleep. So most of the time i listen to documentary or read until i fall a sleep.


I would recommend yoga. you need time and space to process and integrate the information you're getting; it'll also help with managing anxiety.

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