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Kalyx ######

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Do you sometimes have a dream so real, that you start to question your own reality. How do i know if i'm in a dream or not? I swear sometimes i get that feeling. Maybe i should find out the easy way.


I am usually aware in my dream that it's just a dream.


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row row row the boat
gently down the stream
merrily merrily merrily
life is but a dream


When I'm awake, I look at a dream and I say "that didn't happen".
When I'm asleep, I look at 'reality' and I say 'that didn't happen".
Maybe we should all just accept that the only reason we think dreams aren't real is because we feel that way when we're awake. What difference is there between the two, really?


Personally I regard dreams and real life as two different types of reality governed by different rules, the real world being ruled by the laws of physics and the dream world by the thought process of your mind. And because of this, in the real word unknown discoveries like new elements or equations can exist while in the dream world the only limits are the limits of your mind(by mind I mean your subconscious mind as well).


Take some acid, it'll make it worse. Acid flashbacks are a helluva thing.

or better, if you're into that sorta soykaf.


I've had problems afterwards knowing what I did in the dream. Starting to question if it really did happened.


For me it's the hand trick, in a dream I can look at my hands and my fingers will look weird. When I'm unsure wether I'm dreaming I do that and can tell for sure, for now. There are lots of other physical reality checks. I don't know if a philosophical or theoretical reality check has been found.

>Acid flashbacks are a helluva thing.
How so? I didççn't know about those.

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