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What is intuition? Where can I read on it? How can I train intuition?

Tangentially I'd like to ask the same questions on memory.


Ask Lain.


I like arisu


I think training/improving either of those is at the cost of something. You have a limited amount of brain matter which can change to some degree. It is however at the same time a sum of many little neurons, a system of various regions, and also a whole. You can probably change it (or it can change in an uncontrolled manner) to be better optimized for this or that thing, but the overall complexity is limited by the material, meaning that some aspects will deteriorate. Which and how exactly is a tough question, and probably even attempting to answer with humanity's current understanding is foolhardy.

Nice train.


so trying to purposefully improve either would be foolhardy? I'd be willing to take the cost. Within the year many people in many instances have told me I have good intuition and good instinct and good awareness & inference skills with one asking if I had any clairvoyants in my family.


My point is rather that given any method you choose to use, you absolutely can't tell what the side effects might be. By the same logic, you cannot really tell in advance which methods will have the side effect of improving your intuition or memory.

People often think they improved their memory when they only got better at a specific form of measuring it (e.g. remembering the order of randomly pulled cards, completing a rubik's cube from memory, etc). Meanwhile they probably forgot a soykafton of things and attributed that to aging.

Afaik memory relies on your current understanding of the world - you don't just store raw pixels when you remember your mom's face; you have a highly abstract model of her face, which uses your highly abstract idea of eyes and mouth and nose and hair and teeth and so on. If you lose your abstract idea of what a nose looks like, probably forget all the noses in every memory you have. This is why younger children are able to adapt faster: they only have few vague memories that are easy to reorganize when abstractions are added or change. They do live in a vague chaos where stuff might seem like monsters and can get really scary, but they also tolerate some other things better. Adults have a way larger and more precise corpus of memories, and to keep that they need a more stable system of abstractions - hence why they are stubborn about changing their worldviews too much, also knows as "I can decide stuff for myself". If an adult is forced to go through the same change in worldview as a child, they freak the flying fuck out and forget a lot of stuff.

Intuition is a very fast, unconscious and imprecise form of thinking or prediction based on that system of abstractions. I have no fucking idea how to improve that or what improving it even means and my money's on that neither does anybody else.


I can settle for books on intuition then. I think jung talks about it though I don't know where


For me, intuition has something to do with seeing things "click" in the mind's eye, seeing the same general patterns over and over again. Personally, I rely a lot on my intuition to truly understand things. It's like I can never truly know something unless it's become intuitive.

I suppose it's all about generalization. It's hard to remember a bunch of separate things, but if you choose to view the world through one specific lens, then intuiting your way through things becomes a lot easier.

What is Arisu trying to apply this intuition to? I imagine answers would be vastly different depending what we were talking about.


I would look in neuroscience journals and textbooks. That's where knowledge of those subjects is being gathered.

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