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I can’t move forward in life, I just can’t take a single step towards improving my situation. I have a job and a car and just barely make it every month, but that’s it.

I made new year’s resolutions that were really easy, call a doctor to see what’s wrong with me, apply online to some jobs, call down to the local university to register for courses. But I haven’t done any of them, when I get off work I just want to veg out and lay in bed on my phone for the nine hours or so that I have before I have to go to sleep and repeat.

Is this normal? Do most people do the exact same thing I’m doing? Should I be getting on anti anxiety meds?


Normal? soykaf son I have trouble finding anyone who is real that is normal. Same here. You got to push yourself or you are going to fucking die a horrible death.


I highly recommend joining the gym.
I have a lame eCommerce job and I live in the ghetto. I used to be a neet and I don't wanna go back to that life. I also suggest stop watching porn. It will help you with anxiety in the future.


just thinking about the gym makes me anxious but it’s not the first time I’ve been told that. Maybe I’ll give it a try
not so sure about the porn thing it would be hard to break


Consider boxing. Poverty friendly, useful skill, and will make you fit. Look for a coach who is a old. The soykaftier the gym the better.


It's a meme. Going to the gym will make you healthier but it will not solve the rest of your problems.


File: 1547252694175.jpg (56.63 KB, 1025x1495, Akira - Volume 6 - 419.jpg)

Maintain your mind occupied processing new useful data and reject the media bubbles in the society of the spectacle you live in. Do not waste your time parroting about mundane things like politics, feminism or inmigration on Twitter. Reject pitiful emotions that serve no purpose and aim constantly for a better version of yourself in mind and body; not for the betterment of your acdtual social position, just to feel good on your own prison of flesh. Do not try to fit in nor try to fake your charisma, be stable and staunch and become the center of gravity for other people.

That is what partially works for me. To be honest, I do not think there is a permanent solution for this kind of mindstate. Most of us spend our lives just trying to get afloat.


some level of physical excercise does seem to help a fair number of people with depression. Not a cure, surely, but its helpful.

Then again boatloads of people get crazy and neurotic in gyms.


My story except that I'm NEET. I do need a psychoterapist (actually, any human being) which I can openly talk about my problems to, but one of the problem is >>764.



>>754 gave the best answer so far.
In my opinion, it's all up to you. For me, life doesn't have a meaning itself; this gives us the freedom to choose our course of action. My wish is to be financially free, to do whatever I want for the rest of my life, to give my children that freedom.
If you want to spend the rest of your life like you are right now, sure you can. But by simply asking how to improve your status, you show that you have more potential than many people.
As you said, you made new year's resolutions. You don't have to do successfully everything in there, but at least try. And if you fail, try again taking into account the experience you gained early; and keep failing and trying, and so on. Eventually, you'll find yourself where you want to be right now, or closer. Good luck.


This really sounds like what I'm going through.
I've also become more and more afraid and hateful of everything.
Somehow I think I want to be in this situation since it's way easier to become a shut-in than take control of my life.


Well if you're able to get healthier by going to the gym consistently enough and figuring out a workout that you can stick to and get results, it will be good experience in planning and commitment with clear and obvious results.
If you can't commit like that then you won't get healthier and you won't continue using the gym, which leads to the connection between going to the gym and learning how to be successful.


File: 1558394595774.pdf (159.93 KB, how-to-operate-your-brain-….pdf)


I will pester you daily so you can fulfill those simple tasks

Have you looked up some jobs?
Have you called a doctor?
Have you checked on your local university?

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