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So I'm currently on paroxetine for my major depressive disorder and while it works it only does barely, is like the windows XP of antidepressants but considering that in my case sertraline was like windows ME I say its an improvement.

So I been thinking on ways to boost it with another, heard that peterson guy is or has used 2 antidepressants at once and it works for him. Frankly I thought if I did two SSRIs I would get serotonin syndrome and die but then again I'm no doctor.

So has anyone here done this? what was your combination? side-effects? and most importantly: did it work?


Bad idea to use two SSRIs. Just take more mg of paroxetine.


probably do not mix ssris i do not see this ending well. Also maybe talk to a medical professional about this instead of strangers on the internet.


Jesus Christ, no. You're not even supposed to mix anti-depressants with St. John's wort (probably other herbs either).


it's hard to tell if it is a good idea or not.
Try asking multiple doctors and reading multiple papers and making a decision based on multiple professional opinions.


If Alice asked ONE doctor, the answer would be a hard no. This is really a simple one, gang.

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