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hello arisu,
i took LSD for the first time yesterday and it was a wonderful experience for the most part except a couple things, most notably among them i kept thinking of suicide. i felt as if my psyche desperately wanted to leave my body behind, as if it was trapped in there as a prisoner. every thought i had ultimately ended in me wanting to commit suicide, and everyone on the planet to do it with me too. i even remember thinking of a scenario where everyone committed global suicide and how wonderful it would be. has anyone else experienced this?



I had the exact same thoughts most of the times I took LSD. It is a pretty common thing. One thing I would note maybe is that LSD isn't changing what is already in your mind. It is just making you take what is already there to its logical conclusions. People who are very Christian or have other new age tendencies often have 'religious experiences', people who are very depressed and nihilistic often have very 'suicide-oriented' experiences. Just please remember that the drug is just taking what is already in your head and extrapolating out from those inner experiences you already have. It isn't inventing fantasies.


What is worth noting, is environment definitely contributes to the direction in which your prospective rabbit hole takes you. I for one use psilocybin pretty regularly and I have seen marked improvement in my own outlook. I was pretty suicidal at one point and the golden teachers had improved my outlook. Perhaps its the nature of LSD. I have done LSD in the way past and it was no fun for me. It was pretty harsh. shrugs may be the nature of LSD.


I've had a similar experience. I didn't feel trapped per se, I felt like I was everything but there was no me but everything still existed. it's difficult to explain. maybe ego death, but I don't like to assume. I came very close to killing myself merely out of fascination. I thought that there would be absolutely no difference wether I was alive or not, and for some reason that was the most interesting thing I'd ever thought at the time. don't really know what stopped me. maybe the empathetic connection I was feeling on and off with everything and everyone close to me. I guess there's something about a drug that makes individual life seem unimportant that will make people suicidal for one reason or another.


I take psychedelic drugs semi-regularly and I have definitely thought about suicide and/or death many times. Never in a "oh fuck I want to die" way but in a "haha what if I died, how neat would that be?" way. I seem to recall once thinking that if I was going to waste life I might as well die, but came to the conclusion that I shouldn't waste life. Death is certainly less scary while you're tripping. Many people who take heroic "thumbprint" doses say that it literally is the experience of death, and I think I get what they're saying.

One of the best things you can do while tripping, is to constantly remind yourself that you're tripping. Prevents hasty decisions such as suicide or panicking or calling 911. Doesn't help much with higher doses because well, you forget who "you" is, but in that case it's best to have someone who will be at hand to calm you down.


am generally suicidal, have had clinical depression since fourteen. For some reason i've never had a bad acid trip except for when it was mixed in some sort've designer drug. That incident in question i took 25i but it didn't bring about suicidal thoughts. Instead I wound up with this really bad persecution complex and actually thought everyone was trying to kill me. It was actually really weird. What set it off was looking into this girls eyes walking down the street and it just clicked. She looked really angry I think and it was all downhill from there. Generally agree with the rest of the comments here, it's all in your head. Sometimes I worry though that there's such a thing as a permanent trip and drug experimentation does have permanent side effects, but I cant really say. You're experience isn't that bad but sorry you thought that way for a minute, suicidal I mean


>Sometimes I worry though that there's such a thing as a permanent trip and drug experimentation does have permanent side effects, but I cant really say.

there definitely are permanent effects from psychedelic use. Even very safe psychedelics like psilocybin and LSD. I see very mild visual effects all the time now. There is also the more cognitive-type effects but I think that is more of a consequence of having a very intense experience, I don't think it's because of a long-term chemical effect on your brain from the drug.

I am not personally bothered by them, but some people are and when that happens it's called HPPD. The cure is to not touch drugs for several years, if not your whole life. There is a point I think in any traveller's life when they wonder if they might be "stuck this way forever" and either freak the fuck out or think, "I would be okay with that."


This user is correct. LSD is a mental acclerator, it takes what's already present and makes those thought-patterns work in my dynamic and quick ways.


>It isn't inventing fantasies.
Is there any drug that invents fantasies ?


I think you guys are over-simplify the effects of LSD. It isn't just an accelerator, LSD isn't accela.

Brain activity and tought patterns change significantly when the 5HT2A receptor is agonized, not only speed up. First of all, it turns down our "natural information filter" processes, and we can achieve a completely different action from the same stimulus and transduction. (That's why we feel and percieve our world like little children when tripping, because little children don't have a fully developed form of this "filter" and they get overjoyed, very sad, very interested, or really mad over little everyday things) Of course this means the high level processing areas of our brain handle much more information, so information processing is sped up a lot, but it isn't the same information that was already there before the trip. The way of signals that travel through our neuronal network changes, so we can create brand new thoughts and feelings that wouldn't happened with the everyday working of our brain. There's absolutely no guarantee that any of theese new thoughts and feelings will be useful or true. Also a lot of new perspectives: we can see ourself, our relationships and even the whole world as a third-party. (again, nothing guarantees we will see the "truth" or anything like that). Our mind consist of lots of subunits (number of them, dominancy of them and state of development varies from person to person of course) and a psychedelic trip can make some subunits depressed or even turned off, while others stimulated.

If you trip in "silent darkness" it probably really takes what's already there, but chances are you never knew that it was there and never could think about that in the way you do it while tripping.
But if you trip while having stimuli from the outside world, it definitely aren't taking things only present before tripping. So no i don't agree, LSD isn't a simple accelerator. That would be piracetams, amphetamines, adrenaline, etc.


When I created a datura tea it actually invented fantasies that were quite terrifying. It was terrifying because it felt 110% real and not like a hallucination. The stories you read about it online are really true. Here is a short version of my experiences with it since I don't feel like retyping it but.

>Take the tea and just sit in my living room for a bit waiting for the come up.

>Friend comes in and says hey, grabs a couple books that I had borrowed from them for a class.
>Tell them what I'm up to, trying to check out this trip, they tell me cool and leave.
>Waiting and it seems like forever and nothing is happening at all.
>Bored, all of a sudden I drop the cigarette I was smoking out the window.
>FUCK going to burn the carpet.
>Searching around but can't find it anywhere.
>Slowly realize that the window isn't open.
>Realize that the books my friend came by to grab are still there.
>Realize I have never smoked a cigarette in my life, don't even have a lighter.
>Proceed to flip out. Can't tell reality from fantasy.
>My friend never came into my apartment that night, I had just imagined it.

If you want a drug that actually invents things that aren't there but feel 100% real try datura. It was not a pleasant experience in any sense of the word, and I don' t think that is even possible to have a 'good' trip with it. It was definitely an experience that was unique to that drug specifically, never experienced anything like it in my life. It was like what movies depict drugs as being like.



If somebody wants to try a deliriant with real hallucinations he/she has much safer alternatives than datura or even medical atropine.

safe anticholinergics are diphenhydramine, trihexyphenidyl, myristicin(nutmeg) and a lot more.

GABA deliriants: zolpidem, zaleplon, muscimol and a few more.


I feel like that all the time though

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