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Kalyx ######

File: 1552656524299.jpg (26.37 KB, 599x480, AL-LAD-3.jpg)


where to buy AL-LAD in germany?
which darknet market has it?


Is it the close to ALD-52 ? If your waifu wants to try out legal psychedelics they may want to give bash designer labs a try


isnt that tryptamine still technically legal i.e. not covered by the NPSG or BTMG?
obviously law enforcement wouldnt care either way. the schengenraum should in theory gurantee no customs controls within its member states, but they obviously bend the law

thus far ive had no negative experiences ordering de jura legal chemicals from the netherlands via insured and tracked UPS shipping to the mailbox of non existant people off the clearnet while using public wifi with an innocous laptop.
but the particular vendor ive got the most experience with seems to have problem with their stupid cloud fare, this far realchems has treated me well, especially when you take notice of flash salesor watch crypto values closely. though last time i visited their site they had started establishing some kind of treuepunkte system, which seems quite retarded to me tbh


It's definitely covered by the NPSG. Had the cops show up at my door already because of this. No one cared and there were no repercussions, but whatever.

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