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When one has mental illness it is sometimes difficult to have insight into your own disordered mind and behavior, but I still occasionally have a fleeting moment where I wonder to myself how I must look to an outside observer. I literally spend almost every waking moment of my life in front of the computer. My three monitors cover so much of my visual field that—combined with my headphones and blackout curtains—my subjective experience is almost completely artificial now. I think that this environment is at least somewhat responsible for my struggles with depersonalization and derealization. It's easy to feel that you and your world aren't real when everything you experience is already virtual. Despite these problems I cannot get off of the computer even to migrate to a different screen like a phone or television let alone do something not involving electronics or further still actually go outside. I know this needs to change, but I don't know how. Please help.


Do you believe/know/feel/etc that virtual things can or could replace reality, or that reality and virtual is equivalent, or that 'reality' is just something virtual as well? (The last one is kinda silly, that would just make the word 'virtual' redundant).
Most people hold that the real world is more than, and also includes all virtual worlds; and that some real things cannot be replaced by or simulated in a virtual world. These people have good reason to make expectations towards themselves such as: go out, don't sit in front of the screen too much, don't use the computer unless you have a reason.
If you answered yes to anything in the first question, your thinking differs a lot from those others', and yet you hold those same expectations for yourself - but they don't make sense. Why would you pour energy and resources into a world that can be replaced, or probably is just a simulation/fancy illusion? This is very similar to the attitude of religious hermits who get indifferent, alienated from society or all of physical reality, and thus find no motivation in participating in or caring about it. They are only interested in their supposed afterlife or transcended existence, turn all their attention towards it as best as they can. You likely won't be able to take your project of getting away seriously as long as you don't regard physical reality to be a different, more fundamental layer of things.
If you didn't answer yes to any of the question, t-"" / /// __


I sometimes fell that the real world is not real, but I don't think this a problem, because events of the outside doesn't affect me so much anymore, I don't care about a lot of things of the real world and for me, this is freedom.

Anyways, in your place I would destroy the computer as fast as I can.



Same here, but then again I live in a third world "developing" craphole with high taxes where everything costs 3x more so my rig is pathetic and everytime I go outside its not only depressing but I actually risk being shot for my phone which thanks to taxes is worth more than the contents of my wallet


Ironically I'm starting to believe we wouldn't need super realistic VR for people to get lost in it, I would be more than happy to spend my time inside a VR-UI with dual-8K res optics which is something that is only a few years from being a reality


I've been a depressed hikki for two years under my parents' roof, and I got nothing to say other than I know that feel or think I do at least.


Your world sounds like what I personally am craving in mine.



How old is that rant?


make no mistake, there is no coming back from the state brazil is in.


Get up and stretch. Don't think about it while doing it, but get up and stretch. Get some clothes on, get your shoes, and walk around for a while. Don't think, just do it. Get up and move, get some sun. Don't think, move. Do it a little more every day. Every morning or hell, even night. Just get up, get out and walk for a while. Take in the sights, or don't, just be out and move.

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