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I got some serious melancholic depression, tried escitalopram, sertraline (zoloft) and nothing

Been 6 months with vortioxetine which is supposed to be this brand new AD drug that even has positive cognitive effects and instead of getting back some of my concentration and other faculties which depression eroded but instead its making me even more depressed, dumb, slow and sleep a lot this last one really ironic since my shrink actually was afraid this pill was going to make me sleep less/be too alert but it had the opposite effect

So I'm at the end of the line, my life sucks but my crippling depression got so bad I can even muster the effort to do something about it and pills clearly don't do anything

Any ideas?


Pills don't help much without actual behavioural therapy, have you talked to someone about it in meatspace? do you have anything that can break the cycle for short intervals of time?


Crash, do you have an email or something I could reach you at…? I've been figuring out which substances (over-the-counter, herbal, nootropic, experimental, etc) work for depression & anxiety for the better part of two years now because I too suffer horrible depression.

I can simply list some things here if you prefer, but I can be more comprehensive and continually helpful via other communications

My email is ; I truly wish you success in getting better and will do absolutely everything in my power to help



I'm seeing a psychiatrist and a psychologist, last one once a week. CBT therapists are rare in my country and I couldn't find one but lately I been hearing CBT is not as effective as once thought

>do you have anything that can break the cycle for short intervals of time?

Not anymore, I used to read about several subjects (mostly science, geopolitics, tech) and play some videogames, but lately even those things seem like a task rather than something to take my mind off things

All I do anymore is lurk around the net, I'm like a fucking ghost…


Sent you an email



For some reason my nick didn't show up


Exercise helps, but you're probably too depressed for that in the first place.


Sorry for the delay in response to everyone! Been a bit busy, I replied to the two emails I received in my inbox. :)

For everyone's benefit, here is a short list of subreddits I recommend browsing regularly for good information on substances/nootropics/herbals/etc on treating depressive/anxious issues :


Very high-quality users/posters on these two subreddits to follow include:

(this guy also runs
(owner of, probably the single best nootropics site… brilliant guy)
(Dr. Rhonda Patrick, also has a site at

Brilliant threads to read:




I personally recommend trying these for depression (note - I have not myself tried all of these, just recommending based on what I've read anecdotally - the Kratom, Kava, and Black seed oil I've tried however):

~ Kratom
~ Kava
~ Tianeptine sulfate (NOT sodium, if it's even stll available for sale anymore)
~ Black seed oil
~ NSI-189
~ Semax
~ Selank
~ Bromantane
~ Fasoracetam
~ Polygala tenuifola
~ Sarcosine
~ Gastrodin
~ Uridine monophosphate
~ DHM a.k.a. Dihydromyricetin
~ Piracetam
~ Noopept
~ microdosing of either LSD, 1P-LSD, 4-AcO-DMT, or Psilocybin mushrooms
~ Gynostemma Pentaphyllum (Jiaogulan)
~ L-Carnosine
~ Beta-Alanine


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