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Kalyx ######

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What do you guys think about all the "don't ruin the discussion bringing politics in" posts?
>Do you guys just have to soykaf up everywhere you go with your politics?
>Why do you people have to keep coming to communities and soykafting up the place with your politics?
I think in this case it's the same guy because it's nearly the same wording, the same assuming collectivization ("you guys" - "you people"), and the same lack of arguments, but I think I've seen more posts like that before.
I, for one, think they should be warned because these posts add nothing to the conversation, are prone to derail the threads, and perhaps we could reach a concensus here about wether it's a valid point or not. I think the political is a valid point of view that can add valuable information about a subject, and in the examples I linked to, the "political" posts weren't out of place, as the first thread explicitly asked about opinions and personal use cases of cryptocurrencies, and the second thread was about government regulations.
But I wanted to hear what you lains thought.


I'm fine with talking politics when it relates to the subject.


I see no problem with political posts, as long as politics aren't derailing the subject at hand.


politics is literally everywhere now on the internet because of recent events, perhaps other reasons too
it would be nice if there was less of it here


Politics is inevitable in any group of humans.



Marxism is always relevant.


marxism is and always will be irrelevant


File: 1502189680258.jpg (1.94 KB, 125x70, 1491813963244s.jpg)

you are on a Marxist website lain.


proudhon == stirner > marx


File: 1502227290426.jpg (84.86 KB, 526x700, 1200307674411.jpg)

Nihilism gives you no reason to live, Marx provides all of us with a way forward. Marx will lead us to a paradise for all.

What will Stirner give us? Death.




You're assuming that every Lain is a Marxist when that is definitely not true.

There's room for other ideologies. Fuck authoritarianism tbh.


Take it back from the jews


Jews are a central figure because they contributed so much to communism.

If pains arn't meant to be Marxist why are we associated with 0Chan? Checkmate.

Marxism is always relevant as Marxism is the future.


wtf people.


Just because 0chan is an affiliate doesn't mean that everyone personally endorses 0chan. Likewise, I think Tsukichan is to some extent a suicide cult. Visiting a site with a community that promotes the free and open exchange of ideas that happens to be affiliates with a couple of other websites doesn't make you an automatic supporter of said affiliates.

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